Swimbuds Sport Review: Don’t Let Being Underwater Stop the Music

Swimbuds Sport

Swimbuds Sport

My guess is you have probably listened to music just about everywhere.  Throw on some headphones and listen to your tunes while walking, biking, hiking, running, shopping, commuting, flying… in a desperate attempt to drown out cranky kids.  However, there is still one place that tends to be void of your sweet tunes…underwater.

But wait, with all the technology we have today, why should some water stop you from getting your groove on?  Well, according to Underwater Audio, water is no longer a buzz kill on your party!  The Swimbuds Sport are underwater headphones that allow you to swim while listening to your favorite tunes.

Please watch our video review of the Swimbuds Sport Bundle -

Swimbuds Sport, Headphones Designed For Active Water Sports

As the video shows, the Swimbuds Sport Underwater Headphones are much more than just standard headphones that have been made waterproof.  With the variety of interchangeable earbuds that come in the package, you can come up with a fit that is perfect for whatever activity you are doing.

Doing some serious laps and need a tight fit that blocks out all outside noise?  Go with the Trees.  If the Trees don’t work for you, go with the Fins, which fit most ears and provide good outside noise blocking.  If you like to run in the rain, the Ergos are a great fit.  You get a waterproof headphone, but it also allows you to hear ambient noise. Finally, if you are going to be staying dry, you can go with the Mushrooms.

Here is the description from Underwater Audio –

“Redesigned from the ground up, the Swimbuds Sport headphones offer more of what our customers ask for: Better fit, greater comfort, and a rugged design. Each headphone comes with multiple swimming earplugs so you can find your best fit. Swimbuds Sport headphones offers serious fit for the serious aquatic athlete. Swimbuds Sport retain our signature short cord. Designed to stay put during flip-turns and the most rigorous aquatic workout, it means fewer interruptions and more time underwater.”

Underwater Audio Has Your Music Source Covered As Well

Underwater headphones are great, but you still need something waterproof to play your music.  Underwater Audio offers the Swimbuds Sport Bundle With a Waterproof Ipod Shuffle ($170).  This is the bundle we show in the video and it worked very well.  There is something very cool about going underwater and being able to listen to your favorite songs, with very good sound quality.

If you already have a waterproof music player, you can go with the SwimBuds Sport Bundle WIHOUT the iPod Shuffle for $70.  With this bundle, you get the exact same waterproof headphones and 4 sets of earbud tips, the only thing not included is the iPod Shuffle.

Conclusion: With Swimbuds Sport Headphones, Water Will Not End The Music

Overall we were very impressed with both the fit and audio quality of the Swimbuds Sport underwater headphones.  It does take a little work to figure out the best way to get the earbuds to fit securely in your ears, but once you get them in, they tend to stay firmly in place.  It would be nice if they had better instructions and illustrations on the correct fitting for the earbuds, but after a little trial and error you will get it all figured out.

I’ll be honest, swimming laps is boring.  With the Swimbuds Sport Headphones you can make things much more fun by listening to music, books on tape or even a training session.   In addition, doing some snorkeling, while having a full soundtrack for the beautiful fish you see, really takes your underwater journeys to a whole new level!

More Information:

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport  Bundle WITH Waterproof iPod Shuffle (About $175)

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport Bundle WITHOUT the iPod Shuffle (About $70)

Video review of the Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport Underwater Headphones

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