Top 10 New Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Slogans To Really Boost Attendance

Consumer Electronics Show

Consumer Electronics Show

We are finally back from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas!  While we are working on write ups of the best products we saw at the show, we can’t help but feel sorry for the poor people who put on CES.  Only about 150,000 people in attendance – 30,000 of those international attendees.  Over 2,700 technology companies exhibited at the show, which took up 1.6 million square feet of space, spread out over 6 different buildings.  Clearly, CES needs to learn how to market this little show and Dad Does is here to help…

Top 10 New Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Tag Lines and Slogans

Here is the problem with CES – it is called the CONSUMER Electronics Show, but consumers are not invited (trade only).  So, if CES really wants to draw a crowd next year, let’s open it up to consumers and hit them with some snazzy slogans and tag lines.  If they follow our advice for next year, it will be easier just to count the handful of people in the world who do NOT attend the show.

Dad Does Top Ten New Slogans For CES

10. All the Things You Don’t Need and Can’t Get – Under Just 6 Gigantic Roofs

9.  New Study Shows, You Can Take it With You- So Buy It All

8.  A Tablet a Day Keeps the Jones at Bay

7.  Hot Women Say, “Men Look Sexy in 3D Glasses

6. CES – We Just Made Everything You Own Obsolete

5.  If you Don’t Buy a 3D TV, the Terrorists Win

4. Happy and Content with Your Life? We Can Change That

3.  Every Time you Buy a 3D TV, an Angel Gets Her Wings

2. Flying Robotic Things with Cameras… We Had You at Flying Right?

1.  You Don’t Need it, You May Not Even Want It, But No One Gets Out Alive Until You Agree to Buy It!

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