The Cancer Connection Campout IX, Insane Proof That Good Lives On!

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What could possibly motivate a man, who hates camping, to camp out in the snow, sleet and rain?  The forces of Good….or pure insanity…but let’s go with the forces of Good!

Forget all the negativity you see on the news each night.  Pretend that Washington, DC does not exist.  Assume that the person who just cut you off had a medical emergency.  Ants and Anteaters become BFFs, Democrats and Republicans won’t stop hugging each other….on Wednesday, 3/4/15 – Monte will show us that Good, Caring and Compassion are alive and well!

The Cancer Connection Campout IX – Cancer is Bad, Helping Those Touched by Cancer is GOOD

Right here in Northampton, MA on 3/4/15 – Monte, a radio DJ for WRSI 93.9 FM The River will start camping out by the old courthouse in town.  Monte actually hates camping, but luckily he hates cancer even more than camping.  So, for the 9th year Monte is doing his Cancer Connection Campout IX.  He has pledged not to leave the icy, snowy, freezing courthouse lawn until he has raised $50,000 for the Cancer Connection.

Cancer Sucks, But The Cancer Connection Is Awesome

The Cancer Connection is a wonderful organization located in Northampton, MA.  Cancer Connection offers a haven where people living with cancer, their families and their caregivers can all learn how to cope with their changed lives and bodies and emotional turmoil by sharing strategies and resources.   There are clearly huge physical aspects to cancer, but it is important to understand that there are also mental and spiritual issues that need to be addressed.

There are plenty of organizations that provide specific medical treatments for people living with cancer.  While these organizations are great, Cancer Connection looks well beyond just the physical needs of people living with cancer.  Sometimes a deep massage can help someone feel better and reduce the endless stress of cancer treatments.  Perhaps a grandmother with cancer wants to make sure she can read books to her grand kids for years to come.  Cancer Connection can arrange to have a video made of the grandmother reading children’s books.  Really, what could be cooler than that?

Here is the amazing part…do you know what the cost is for all these services?  Nothing! That’s right Cancer Connection offers all of its services for free.  If cancer has touched your life and you need some help, the last thing you want to be doing is battling with insurance companies, so the Cancer Connection is there for you, free of charge, period.  So how does Cancer Connection come up with money to provide all these great resources?  By relying on incredible people like Monte and you!

Let’s Help Monte Get Out of His Ice Cave

Here are the facts as I understand them.  Cancer sucks.  The Non-Profit, totally free Cancer Connection is awesome.  Monte is doing incredible Good.  Monte hates camping.  If we raise $50K, we can get Monte out of his Ice Cave.

So, let’s all do our part and do some Good and donate –

Cancer Connection Campout IX

Or Call 413-582-5200

Or Donate Via PayPal

Wait, There is Even More Good To Talk About Still

Businesses only care about making money – right?  Wrong!  To help encourage people to donate, we made a few calls to some toy companies and asked them to donate – they immediately said yes!  No negotiating for what coverage we could provide or what the marketing angle would be, they just said yes because they wanted to help out and do good.  That is awesome!

A big thank you to WowWeeSpin MasterZing Toys and Hog Wild – for providing an awesome collection of toys to giveaway at the event.  If you are in the Northampton, MA area, come on by the Old Courthouse, make a donation and take home an awesome toy.

Take a look at our FaceBook Album to see all the great toys that will be at the event –

Campout Toys

On March 4th, Let’s Do Some Good!

Take a few moments out of your day today and help the Cancer Connection continue to provide invaluable services to families dealing with cancer.  Make a donation to Monte’s Cancer Connection Campout and Feel Good.

Reading this post after Monte’s Cancer Connection Campout has ended? You can still help – just head over to the Cancer Connection website and make a donation directly.

More Information:

Visit the Cancer Connection Website

Visit Monte’s Cancer Connection Campout Page

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