Toy Fair 2015 In Full Living Color Video, Part 1

Toy Videos

Toy Videos

Yes, we spent 4 days at the International Toy Fair in NYC in February 2015.  We saw thousands of new toys coming out in 2015.  We saw things that can never be unseen…like a pet dog that poops…and then you feed him his poop and…wait for it…he poops some more.  That was a hard one to wipe from the memory.

The thing is, not only did we see toys, we used one of those amazing devices that captures what you see and makes a video…in color and everything!

Toy Videos, Toy Videos and More Toy Videos Coming Soon

We are still editing away, but below will give you a taste of some of the toys we saw and enjoyed at Toy Fair 2015.  Much more still to come.

For now, grab some popcorn and enjoy watching what the kids will be begging for come the holidays….

Still can’t get enough?  You can check out our Toy Fair 2015 Video Playlist and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Stay tuned, many more videos to come (you might want to buy more popcorn)…

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