CES To Consumers – If You Don’t Buy a 3D TV in 2011, You Are a Pathetic Loser



It is crowded here and very loud, so maybe I don’t have that quote exactly right.  Perhaps the announcement they were playing said, “Welcome to CES” – but it might well have said, “Will You Buy a Damn 3D TV Already“.

You Are Busy Parents and We’re Tired – So Let’s Cut to The Chase

After spending a few hours today on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) floor we could give you all the details about the thousands of products on display, but what busy Mom or Dad has time to read an informed and accurate recap of CES Day 1.  So let’s cut to the chase – for the love of god, will you just buy a 3D TV already!

Waiting For Mobile 3D TV – Wait No More… Just Please Buy Something

Maybe a 75″ 3D  TV just will not fit in your playroom – well CES has you covered.  Introducing…


There – it is mobile and no 3D glasses needed – stop making excuse and buy a 3D TV already.

Need more eye candy – how about this one –

It is huge, but oh so thin.   Why don’t you buy one now – we will wait…

I think if you all buy one, they can just close up CES and we can all go home.

There Actually Is More to CES Than 3D TVs

It is late, we have a headache from watching 3D TVs all day – but there actually were some very interesting products for Moms and Dads.  We will continue on our research tomorrow and Saturday and provide more full and coherent reporting on Monday.  But in the meantime, the weekend is coming, so why not round up the kids have some quality family time together… buying a 3D TV.

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