Pinblock Building and Construction Toy, Further Proof That Simple Is Fun

Pinblock Building and Construction Set

Pinblock Building and Construction Set

(Please read in your best internal Jerry Seinfeld voice)…What’s The Deal With Lego? You’ve got your 1, 2, 4, 6…who knows how many point bricks.  You’ve got thin bricks and fat bricks.  You’ve got that special brick that only comes in the limited edition surprise package that is only sold on odd days in leap years.  Then what in the world is that brick they want me to attach in step 323B of my Death Star?

I know Lego is incredibly popular and we are all supposed to love it, but am I the only Dad who feels things have gotten out of control? How can the kids be creative when they spend all their time trying to find the exact right brick to build the exact model that is shown on the front of the box.  Does building something cool and creative really need to be so difficult?

The answer is NO!  Pinblock is a brand new building and construction kit that features….wait for it….exactly one block!  Insane you say.  How limiting you say.  Well we say, please watch our First Look at the Pinblock Building and Construction Toys -

Variety in Color, Not in Shapes

Who would have thought you could build all of these with just one 2 pin shaped block –


Pinblock Pixel Art

Pinblock Jet

As we show in the video, the flexibility of the Pinblocks allows you to move beyond very rigid, fixed construction designs.  We love the fact that you can make wearables with Pinblocks.  After only 10 minutes of playing, and 0 minutes of reading instructions, we had built our own wearable web slinger.

A Kickstarter With a Real Product?  What A Novel Idea

We have a love hate relationship with Kickstarter.  We love that it breaks down barriers to entry and lets people with good ideas bring their products to life.  We hate the fact that so many Kickstarter campaigns over hype, over promise and never deliver.  For this reason, we tend to steer clear of reviewing and/or recommending Kickstarter campaigns.

Pinblock is a welcome exception to our rule.  While they have a Kickstarter campaign running until 2/25/15, they actually have product already made and they sent us samples to play with.  Pinblocks are the real deal.  They are so simple, yet so satisfying to build with.  If you are like us, you will start pushing Pinblocks together and next time you look up, 2 hours will have flown by.

Do your own research on the Pinblocks Kickstarter campaign, but if you like building and want to break free of rigid building kits, Pinblocks may be the building set you have been waiting for.

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