Review: Mogix External Battery Charger, Sometimes Boring Can Be Exciting



Having trouble sleeping?  You could count sheep, but if you really want to knock yourself out, just read a long technical discussion on the merits of external battery pack chargers.  Yeah we get it, external battery packs like the Mogix are not the most exciting of topics.  The thing is, you know all those cool phones, tablets, cameras and toys your family loves?  Well, they are not so cool when the batteries die and you are nowhere near an AC outlet.

So, while watching a video review of the Mogix External Battery Pack might not seem like Must See TV – just remember, cool gadgets are only cool if they have power!  Please have a quick view of our review –

What Is The Difference Among Battery Pack Chargers?

Type battery pack charger into Amazon and you will see endless potential battery packs to buy.  While no one battery pack is right for every person and every situation, here is why we like the Mogix Charger

  • Dual USB Ports, Charge 2 Devices At Once
  • High Amperage Ports – Can Charge Devices Faster
  • 10,400 mAh Rating – Charge Devices Multiple Times Without Recharging Battery Pack
  • Slim Design – Only 6.5 ounces
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Sells for Under $30 on Amazon.

Simply put, the Mogix offers a nice blend of features, power, design – all at a very affordable price.

Throw A Mogix In Your Bag, You Will Thank Us Later

If you are anything like our family, you have endless gadgets and devices that leave the house with you each day.  Couple of phones, maybe a tablet or two, don’t forget your GoPro and maybe a Quadcopter for good measure.  No matter how often I tend to charge things, it always seems like something is flashing red and at 1%!  Having the Mogix in your battery can be a real lifesaver.

Going on vacation?  Well now you are in desperate need for an external battery pack.  Just imagine the amount of aspirin you will need to consume if the kid’s tablet dies 2 hours into your 10 hour flight!  You know how the TSA does not allow liquids over 3 ounces on board… I think it should also be a law that if you have kids under 15, you may not board unless you have a 10,000 mAH battery pack with you…for the sake of your fellow passengers :)

The Mogix is not going to be the most exciting gadget in your bag, but it will be your exciting gadgets best friend.

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