The Easy On Your Eyes Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES2015) Recap

Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes

Let’s be honest Moms and Dads, we are not getting any younger here.  Reading all these words, on computers, phones or tablets – no easy task for our tired eyes.  Yet we still want to know about all the latest and greatest gadgets.  Whatever can we do?

Watch And Listen Boys, Watch and Listen

If the fine Penguins of Madagascar can Smile and Wave, you can certainly Watch and Listen.  We have written a decent amount about the toys, gadgets and technology we saw at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES2015) in Las Vegas, but really, who wants to read anymore?  To make life a little easier, let’s stop with these words and give you the highlights of CES2015 via the magic of video and audio…

Hear How Drones and Robots Will Soon Control You

Hop on over to the WRSI The River website and listen to us rant about Drones and their desire to mug us.

Meet Meccanoid From Spin Master

Dinosaurs May Be Extinct, But MiPosaur is Coming Soon

Meet REV – Looks Like A Car, Acts Like a Robot

Tired of This Reality, Move Into the Virtual Reality

Yes, Even in 2015 – Selfies Are Still A Thing

Being Two Faced A Bad Thing?  Not When You Are A Phone

Now You Can See What MiP Sees

More Still to Come!

That should give you a good taste of same of our favorite toys and gadgets from CES2015, but stay tuned, more is still to come!

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