What Is The Point Of A Dad Blog Covering The Consumer Electronics Show?

Consumer Electronics Show

Consumer Electronics Show

As we prepare to head out to Las Vegas and cover the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for Dad Does, we realize that we may feel lonely.  Sure, there will be 150,000 people at the show and probably 149,995 of those people will be from various gadget review sites and review blogs.  All those people will be tripping over themselves to find the latest and greatest gadgets, the electronics that are on the cutting (or maybe even – bleeding) edge.  We will be in the lonely minority looking for gadgets and electronics that actually work out of the box and make a Dad or Mom’s life easier or better.

Why Moms and Dads Have Different Needs When It Comes To Gadgets

We have had a few people ask us – Why do Moms and Dads need you to review gadgets, can’t they just read the normal product review sites? At first I thought it was just one of those voices I hear in my head, but then I realized it was a real member of Dad Does and I better stop covering my ears and screaming, get out of my head voices!

It seems as if manufacturers think that parents, Mommy Bloggers and Dad Bloggers just care about diapers and strollers.  The gadget review sites just want to focus on the most cutting edge products.  What manufacturers and gadget sites are missing is that Dads and Moms use cameras, computers, phones, electronics, gadgets and games – they just have different requirements now that they are parents.

Don’t Worry Electronic Companies We Are Here to Help

Since we have polled every Mom and Dad in the world, we are uniquely qualified to tell the consumer electronics world what it is that Moms and Dads really want when it comes to gadgets…

Top 4 Things Dads and Moms Want From Electronic Gadgets:

  • Time

Every parent is stressed for time, trying to do 30 hours of stuff in a 24 hour day.  So, high on our wish list for things we want to see at CES is a time machine.  However, since Apple will probably not release this until 2012, then we have to go with gadgets that make us more productive.

A computer that boots up within 2 seconds of turning it on, a phone that doesn’t need its firmware and operating system updated every other week, a GPS that doesn’t just tell us there is traffic, but automatically reroutes in such a way that we actually make it to school in time to get the kids.  As Moms and Dads – we need devices that work, make our life easier and require very little maintenance.

  • Keep Your Cutting Edge  – Give Us The Edge That Is Tested and Trusted

Parents live on the cutting edge.  You know what is cutting edge to a parent? Trying to get Bobby to soccer practice at 4pm, while Susan needs to get picked up from Karate at 3:50 pm and they are 10 miles apart.  Oh, did we mention the plumber (to fix the toilet which Bobby dropped a Ninja doll down) can only come between 3:50 and 4pm?   That is how parents live on the cutting edge – trying to fit square pegs in the circle hole… all day long.

So, the idea that a gadget is so cutting edge that it needs firmware updates, calls to tech support and a degree in computer science – that is some cutting edge that parents just do not need!  We love the cool, just get us the cool that has been tried and tested.  We don’t need the first version – have the single guys hack away on that.  When you get to Version 3, that really works the way it was supposed to in Version 1 – now you have something for parents.

  • A Price That We Can Justify Away When the Kids Break It

Let me be clear – Moms and Dads are not cheap (remember we polled them all, so we know) – we are just realistic.  If we have kids in the house over the age of 3 and we get a cool gadget, the kids are going to use it.  Sure, for the first few days we make rules about washing your hands, not running while holding it – but within a week the kids are wrestling while hugging the gadget.  For parents, we need the price to be low enough that we will not want to kill our kids if they break it.

A perfect example is the tablet computer.  Let’s say a state of the art tablet is $700 – it is hard for a parent to justify this price since they know the kids will beat on it.  However, if there is a tablet with less features, but still cool, that sells for $199 – this becomes a much more Parent Friendly Tablet.

  • To Magically Disappear Into Our Hectic Lives

This is a big one.  The ultimate gadget for a Mom or a Dad is something that makes their life easier and/or better, but requires no (or minimal)  effort on the parent’s part.   We have a hard enough time taking care of the kids, we can’t also parent a gadget.  A camera that works great… but requires constant charging of the batteries or updates of its firmware, is NOT disappearing into our lives.  On the other hand, a camera that you throw in your pocket  and whenever your kids do cute things you pull it out, press the button and it works – this is a great product for parents.

There You Have It – The Defenitive Guide To What Parents Want From Their Gadgets

So, as we walk the floor at the Consumer Electronics Show, we will be looking for products to review that make our lives less hectic, work out of the box, are affordable and while we can’t live without it, we forget we even own it.  Sounds easy enough – maybe we should also look for a few dozen 4 leaf covers while we are at it!

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