12 Things I Learned At The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES2015)

ChefJet Printed Chocolate Rose

CES Learn

Never stop learning.  That is some powerful advice I drop on the kids and usually scores me some major blank stares crossed with a little bit of the “have you taken your meds Dad” look.  No matter, I decided to actually listen to myself and do some serious learning while walking the 2.2 million square feet of show floor space at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES 2015) in Las Vegas.

I hope you are not reading this on the weekend or during the summer, because school is about to start…

#1. If Not For The Consumer Electronics Industry, We Would Be Dead

Hate to start this list off on such a heavy note, but if my calculations are right, you have probably lost the ability to process what I am writing anyway.  Look, human to human, I got to say it – we’re just not doing well.  Luckily, the Consumer Electronics industry has created endless gadgets and sensors to save us from certain doom.  I wrote all about it here, so please if you still have the muscle strength to click, check out my piece on why humans are doomed…unless gadgets can save us.

#2. It’s Only A Matter of Time Before You Get Mugged By a Drone

Drones are getting smarter, faster and amazingly clever.  You have Drones like the Hexo +, Fly Zano and Air Dog – all which autonomously follow you around and shoots video and photos of you.  Then there is the DJI Inspire 1, a drone  which has wings that can remotely move up and down…just because it looks totally menacing and cool.  Oh, it also moves the wings out of the way so two different people can control the drone – one operates its 4K video camera while the other flies it.

DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1

There were also tiny drones like the Hubsan Nano Q4 (world’s smallest quadcopter) and drones with scary names like the Ghost.

Hubsan Nano Q4

Hubsan Nano Q4

Really how long before one of these drones mugs someone, because who is going to be able to catch a self flying drone fleeing from the scene of a crime?

#3. Robots Are Just Toying With Us Now

I don’t think I am speaking out of turn when I say that it is a given fact that robots will overtake us and turn us into treadmill running slaves to power their ever growing evil brains.  The only real question left is, why haven’t robots enslaved us already?  The answer…they are toying with us, going for style points now.

A few robots are literally toying with us…as in they are pretending to be toys.  You have the awesomely cool, 4 Foot Tall Meccanoid G15 KS from Spin Master…

Not all robots will look like robots…some may even look like innocent cars.  The R.E.V. (Robotic Enhanced Vehicles) from WowWee have very developed Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

Imagine the irony when a robotic Dinosaur makes us humans extinct.

MiPosaur by WowWee

MiPosaur by WowWee

WowWee is marketing the MiPosaur as a “highly intelligent robotic creature with an incredible, evolving intelligence and personality. It can sense its own surroundings and environment, and interact with them in a unique and lifelike way.”  Sounds cute and fun…until they enslave us.

Empire Robotics was showing off a robot that plays beer pong.  Beer Pong??? You see, the robots are just playing with us before enslaving us.

#4. If You Print It, They Will Eat It

3D Printers have been a solution in search of a problem.  Sure you can 3D Print a gun, but with the amount of guns floating around, is it really a problem to get a gun?  No, the real problem, at least here in America, is we don’t have enough sweets to eat!  Luckily, both ChefJet and XYZPrinting 3D Food Printer are here to solve this problem.  Both printers can print out treats and food, which was surprisingly not horrible tasting.

ChefJet Printed Chocolate Rose

Yes, there were plenty of more traditional 3D Printers (the $349 XYZPrinting da Vinci junior looked particularly awesome for the price), but once you eat candy from a 3D food printer its hard to get excited about anything else.

#5. There Were More Wearables At CES Than Rats in NYC

I’m a New Yorker, so I can tell you the city is filled with rats.  I attended CES2015, so I can also tell you there may be more wearable health and fitness trackers than rats in NYC.  What I can not tell you is how many rats in NYC are currently wearing fitness trackers.

You have simple and affordable wearables like the Misfit Flash ($49)

Then you have more advanced, elegant options like the Basis Peak ($199)

Basis Peak

Basis Peak

And then you have absolutely ever wearable tracker in between those two options.  Clearly if you want to track every step, breath, heart beat and moment you spend moving (or sleeping) in any way, 2015 will be a good year for you.

#6. Reality is Sooo 2014

You still living in reality?  Isn’t that quaint.  All the cool kids in 2015 will be living in Virtual Reality.  Yes, the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR get many of the headlines when it comes to VR headsets, but there was plenty more to experience at CES.  You had inexpensive VR Headsets like the Immersion VRelia GO ($89)-

It was not all about head mounted displays, you had the Virtuix Omni.  This impressive platform allows you to run in place and turn in all directions wearing a headset and being chased by Zombies in a Virtual World.  From the demo, it looked like the Omni provided a decent workout as well.

Intel was taking care of the missing piece to Virtual Reality – how to get your hands into the game – with their RealSense cameras.  Good thing we have plenty of Wearables to track all the exercise we will get in the Virtual World.

#7. Hackers Rejoice, Everything Is Now Connected To The Internet

The Internet of Things, The Smart Home, The Connected Device – call it what you like but it basically means that everything we own will soon talk to everything else we own.  I suppose the conversation will go something like this…

Smart Connected Thermostat: “Hey you been hacked today?

Smart Connected Door Lock: “Yep, you see those guys dripping in sweat and emptying the jewels out over there?  Yeah, some hackers had me open the door for them

Smart Connected Thermostat: “That sucks, I was rather fond of those diamonds

Smart Connected Door Lock: “Man, they are really getting a workout robbing this place, look at them sweat

Smart Connected Thermostat: “Um, they are actually sweating because someone hacked me and turned the temperature up to 190

I am sure cool things will come from having all the devices in our home accessible from the cloud, but it is hard to imagine there won’t be some serious bumps in the road.

#8. Someone Better Teach Cars How to Curse Soon

I’m totally confused.  Audi had a car drive itself from San Francisco to CES in Las Vegas.  BMW and Volkswagon showed off cars that parked themselves with the push of a button.  Mercedes demonstrated this concept car –

Mercedes Benz Concept Car

Mercedes Benz Concept Car

with an interior that is nicer than my living room.  Yet, somehow, with all these self driving cars, not one auto maker could show me how the cars would curse?  If cars are going to drive themselves, they need the ability to curse loudly at each other out as they cut each other off.

#9. Buy Carrot Futures Now!

You want some inside information?  Bet big on carrot futures.  You see, before CES, carrots were just a vegetable that animated bunnies loved.  Now I see the real use of carrots is as a stylus for the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 With AnyPen

Lenovo AnyPen

Sure, if you are short on carrots you can use pretty much anything as a stylus for the Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet with AnyPen…but a carrot is clearly the most fun.

The carrot thing is cool, but for 2016, I want to see Lenovo take things to the next level.  The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro already has a built in projector, but what about in 2016 making a tablet with a built-in vegetable printer…so you can print endless carrots and sell them as styluses.

#10. Advanced Technology Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly and Complicated

Every year at CES I search for a gadget that uses advanced technology, but completely hides it with a simple interface.  The OnKol is not only super simple to use, it is actually nice looking as well –



OnKol allows the elderly to continue to live independently, while giving them the ability to easily connect with family and caregivers. OnKol requires no internet connection, the senior simply plugs it into the wall and it is ready to go.  Family can send voice reminders to the Onkol and seniors can connect their health sensors to OnKol to easily upload their data.

Simply put, the OnKol allows seniors to live at home while giving family and caregivers the peace of mind that grandma and grandpa are doing fine.

#11. How To Torment Your Cat On Video….From 1,000 Miles A Way

Cats, your world just got a whole lot freakier.  You know how your human likes to make those red dots (lasers) dance all over the floor and drive you insane?  Yeah, remember how happy you were when they went off to work and you could spend your day sleeping?  Well, now with the Pet Cube humans can remotely shine a laser all over the floor…all while making a video and talking to you.

If you want to capture the tormenting for your civil lawsuit against your human, you just need to enlist the help of Groover.  As long as Groover is wearing the Motorola Scout 5000 ($199) collar., he will be able to stream 720p video from his GPS enabled collar directly to your lawyer.

#12. Don’t Fly Through Chicago in January

Finally I learned a very valuable lesson – don’t even think of trying to fly through Chicago in January.  Of course by CES 2016 I expect to have a Drone deliver me directly to the CES show floor.

Stay Tuned, More CES Coverage To Come…

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