Review: LeapBand from LeapFrog, Because Marching Like An Elephant Is Fun

LeapBand by LeapFrog

LeapBand by LeapFrog

You know what, I’m just going to say it – growing up sucks.  I mean if my watch suddenly told me to start Marching Like An Elephant or get on the ground and Wiggly Like a Worm, I’m not gonna do it – because I am an adult and adults don’t behave like that.  Man I hate being an adult!

Kids on the other hand, they love to have fun and be active and don’t care what other people think.  The problem is, sometimes with all the video games, kids need a little push to be active, to let loose…well, to be kids again.

Enter the LeapFrog LeapBand, an activity tracker for kids that encourages play and healthy habits.  Please watch our full video review of the LeapBand from LeapFrog –

Crazy Play, Virtual Pets and Rewards – What More Could Kids Want?

As the video shows, the LeapBand is not your boring Activity Tracker that just says, “You have taken 1,231 steps today”.  LeapFrog did a great job of tailoring everything to the interests of 4-7 year old kids.  You have pets you can adopt, groom and take care of.  Rewards for doing activity and challenges.  Fun little mini-games to keep the kids entertained.  All with the goal of encouraging kids to be active and rewarding their activity.

Here are the key features of the LealBand from LeapFrog -

  • 50 Fun Active Challenges
  • 8 Customizable Pets
  • On-Device Games & Rewards
  • Analog/Digital Watch
  • Hi-Res Screen
  • Adjustable Band
  • USB Connectivity
  • Accelerometer
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Water Resistant
  • Parental Controls
  • Free Companion App – Petathlon Games for select devices
  • LeapFrog Connect Enabled

Yes Moms and Dads, You Can Customize The Activities

I know what you are thinking.  What if you son has an insane fear of elephants and being asked to March Like An Elephant would create a tantrum that could shake the planet.  Fear not, you have complete control over which activities will pop-up on the LeapBand.  This also allows you to customize things by age, so you don’t have your 7 year old doing activities more appropriate for a 3 year old.

To answer your next question, yes you can program in quiet times.  You clearly don’t want your daughter wiggling like a worm while she is in school or playing mini-games at 11pm at night.  As we show in the video, parents can set the Quiet Mode.  In Quiet Mode the LeapBand will continue to track activity but it just shows the time  – no games, no pets, no sounds.

Technology To Get Kids Off Of Technology?

Yeah, it is a little strange.  You give your child a pretty high tech gadget…to encourage them to be active and stop playing with all their high tech gadgets.  The thing is, it is well implemented and does work.  The LeapBand mixes in enough fun, wackiness, challenges, rewards…and of course virtual pets to get kids excited to be active again.

Maybe LeapFrog should make these for adults.  What business meeting would not be improved by people wiggling like worms during a powerpoint presentation?

More Information:

The LeapBand from LeapFrog, Ages 4-7, $39.99 Retail

Purchase the LeapBand for $25 At Amazon.Com

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