Review: Misfit Flash, Fitness Tracking Made Simple

Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash

At 11:45pm last night I started running, like a caged rat, in my basement.  The night before, much to the amazement of my sleepy cat, I started walking loops around my house.  While this may sound like the actions of a Dad who has spent a little too much time around glue sticks, there is actually something else going on here.  I have become addicted to the Misfit Flash that I wear on my arm.

The Misfit Flash is a fitness and sleep tracker that somehow guilts you into hitting your goals, being active and even getting more sleep.  While, fitness trackers are not new, the fact that the Misfit Flash sells for under $50, does bring these trackers to a much larger potential audience.

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It’s All About The Simplicity

As the video shows, one of the great features of the Misfit Flash is its simplicity.  No fancy LCD or LED screens with endless data.  No batteries to charge up every night.  No USB jack to hook it up to your computer and then have your blood pressure shoot up when your PC won’t recognize the thing!

The Misfit Flash just sits peaceful on your wrist, or belt, or keychain…just waiting for you to push it.  Push what?  The face of it – as that is the only thing you can push…no buttons on this thing.  Here is the brilliant thing, once you push the face you get some red dots that tell you all you need to know— how close are you to achieving your daily fitness goal and the current time.  Boom.  Simplicity mind blow.

Yes, The App Provides More Data

Sure, you want to know more.  How many miles did you walk this week?  How many calories burned?  How many hours of restful sleep?  All of this can be seen in the Misfit app you install on your iOS or Android phone.  We found the app to be very easy to use and syncing was seamless.  Fire up the app, press the Flash and in seconds all your data is in the app.  We never had to mess with pairing, codes or any of that stuff – as long as Bluetooth was on, just worked out of the box (we tested on an iPhone 5).

As the video shows, the app does a great job of turning your activity into a game that you want to beat.  You get milestones, hot streaks and more.  Why did I walk around my basement at 11:45pm?  Because I had a 10 day hot streak going of hitting my goal and I didn’t want to lose it!

If your own guilt is not enough to motivate you, there is a whole social sharing aspect to the app.  Nothing gets you up and moving more than knowing you will be endless ridiculed by your Facebook friends if your grandmother is more active than you!

Pros and Cons on the Misfit Flash

There are hundreds of different health and fitness trackers on the market today and picking the right one for you can be a challenge.  By taking a look at our video review and this list of Pros and Cons, you should get a good idea if the Misfit Flash is right for you.

Pros on Misfit Flash

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Simple to Setup
  • Waterproof
  • Battery Lasts 6 Months
  • Priced under $50
  • Comes with Wrist and Belt Clip
  • Tracks Sleep Automatically
  • Well Done App With Goal Settings
  • Available in a Range of Colors

Cons of Misfit Flash

  • Plastic Look and Feel May Not Appeal to All
  • Does Not Track Heart Rate
  • Can Be Hard to Snap Flash Out of Wrist and Belt Clip

The Misfit Flash, The Right Amount of Tech To Get You Moving

There are much more sophisticated fitness trackers on the market than the Misfit Flash.  If you are a runner or cyclist and need to track heart rate, you will need to look elsewhere.  For the vast majority of us, the Misfit Flash provides the right amount of tech to get us excited to be active, without making us poor and confused.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go run in place – I’m only 10% of my goal right now and I can’t let this hot streak stop today…

More Information:

The Misfit Flash is Available for About $50 on Amazon.Com

Visit Misfit to learn more.

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