Consumer Electronics Show 2015, Prepare To Hate Everything You Own

CES 2015

CES 2015

Remember way back in 2014…say around December 25th, when some loving soul got you that awesome cutting edge tech gadget that you have always wanted?  Remember that happy feeling you had, knowing you had the latest and greatest technology?  Well, be happy you had that feeling for a few days, because it all comes crashing down next week!

CES 2015 – The Show That Screams, Everything You Own Is Obsolete

Starting Monday, January 5th, 2015 the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas kicks off.  CES 2015 will be obscenely big – over 2 million square feet of gadgets, gizmos and new technologies that will make everything you own obsolete.  Don’t believe the show is huge?  Here is an infographic from the 2014 show, because everyone knows if it is in an infographic, it must be true…

You see that 20,000+ New Product Announcement part – that is what should scare you.  It is just a cruel twist of fate that so soon after the holidays, the tech industry decides to announce all the gadgets that are better than what you just got.

Fear Not, We Head to CES2015 To Bring You Incomplete Coverage

No we are not still hung over from New Year’s – the word “incomplete” in the heading above is not a typo.  Countless tech sites will have huge staff on hand, crawling all 2 million square feet of show space to completely overwhelm you with everything that goes on at CES2015.

Here at Dad Does, we take a somewhat different approach.  Rather than focus on the big brands and huge booths, we look for the more interesting and obscure.  The small start-up with a clever idea.  Of course, we also cover things from a parent’s point of view.  We are always in search of gadgets that can make a Mom or Dad’s life a little easier, better or more fun in some way.  So, stay tuned, we will have lots more to report next week.

Videos, Yes, We Will Make Lots of Videos

We just got a new video camera and are anxious to prove to the IRS that it is a legitimate business expense.  Yes, we will be making cool videos of the awesome gadgets we see at CES 2015.  Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see all the latest and greatest from CES!

Much More To Come Soon…

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