The Shopping Is Done, Your Job Now – Have A Very Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Dad Does

You made it!  Take a deep breath, it is Christmas Eve.  For better or worse, the shopping is done.  Yes, there is a decent chance that little Teddy will like the box more than the expensive present that came in the box….but it’s all good.

We thought about doing some funny, sarcastic bit about the holidays.  We thought about being that dad blog that tries to offer incredible year end parenting wisdom.  In the end, we decided we really didn’t want to be funny or wise we just wanted to wish all the Dads, Moms and everyone else a very Happy and Healthy Holidays.

Okay, We Lied – One Piece of Parenting Advice…

Give your kids a great big hug and kiss.  Smile, laugh and play with your kids – it is the best present you can give them, and also the best present you could receive.   Turn off the computer, let the Drones fly themselves, chuck the cell phone in a drawer for a few days and just have a wonderful time together as a family.

Wishing You and Your Family A Very Happy Holidays!

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