Review: Ollie The App Controlled Robot That Has All The Right Moves



When you imagine a robot, do you see an app controlled cylinder, traveling at 14 MPH and doing almost magical moves in mid air? Yeah, probably not – but that might all change when you see our video review of Ollie The App Controlled Robot from the fine folks at Orbotix (who brought us Sphero and Sphero 2).

Please watch our video review of Ollie The App Controlled Robot -

We Only Scratched The Surface of What Ollie Can Do

We are now suffering from a case of “Ollievision”.  Every object we look at now… we wonder what Ollie would do on it.  Stairs, a table, ramp, the slide at the playground…the cat! This is what we love most about Ollie, it encourages kids (and adults) to experiment and find new ways to play.  In fact, after we spend a few more weeks with Ollie, we will do a follow-up video showing some more ways you can play with Ollie.

Ollie Is So Cute And Unintimidating…But It Is Packed With Impressive Technology

Ollie is one of those great toys that works so easily, you never need to learn about all the technology hidden inside.  Tap your phone to Ollie and it pairs.  Within seconds you are driving Ollie all over the place and finding it impossible not to smile.

Here is a quick rundown of the top features of Ollie –

  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Apps: Driving & Programming
  • Durable polycarbonate body
  • Built-in LED glow (millions of colors)
  • Bluetooth LE connection (30m range)
  • Drives over 6m/s (14 mph)
  • Perform Stunts like spins, drifts and jumps
  • USB charging (cable included)
  • 1 Hour of Playtime on Single Charge
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Can Customize With Tires and Hubcaps

Ollie, Perfect For Fans of Speed, Tricks and Fun!

I have no idea how Ollie really works.  What allows a cylinder to travel 14 MPH, do insane tricks and almost float in the air?  That all remains a mystery to me, but one thing is very clear – Ollie is super fun!  We love the speed, we love the tricks and now can’t wait for it to get dark so we can see Ollie’s LEDs glow at night.  Is Ollie a toy?  A gadget for adults?  A RC vehicle? A robot?  YES!  Ollie is hard to describe and even harder to not enjoy.

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