FiLIP 2 Review, Awesome Technology That Lets Kids Be Kids and Parents Be Parents

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Kids want to run, play, explore and be free to discover new things.  Parents want to make sure their kids are safe, secure, out of danger and yes, happy and having fun!  As a Dad I often struggle with the balance between my kids desire to be free and my need to know they are safe.   Now a new product called FiLIP 2 promises to use technology to allow kids to be kids and parents to be parents.

The FiLIP 2 is a wearable phone, smart locator and watch for kids (ages 4-11).  The idea is to provide kids with a very easy to use watch based phone, while providing parents with an app that provides some sophisticated tracking capabilities.  Can the FiLIP 2 walk that fine line of providing information to parents, without totally stripping kids of their privacy and freedom?

Please watch our video review of the FiLIP 2 Wearable Phone To See How It Works -

FiLIP 2, Advanced Technology Hidden Behind Drop Dead Simple Design

To say we were impressed with the FiLIP 2 would be a vast understatement. The FiLIP 2 hits the trifecta in what we believe makes for a successful product –

  • Solves a Problem
  • Employs Cutting Edge Technology
  • Provides A Simple Interface…To Hide All That Cutting Edge Technology

Too many gadgets suffer from feature bloat.  The manufacture crams endless technologies and features into the product just to have an impressive specs sheet and a large “wow factor”.  The thing is, who has the problem of “Not having a gadget with endless features I will never use?”  Nobody.  Technology should disappear into the background so that a real problem can be solved.

The problem parents with kids ages 4-11 face is that the kids want to have freedom to explore, but they are still just kids and do need to be monitored.  The kids are too young to carry around a traditional cell phone, but at the age where they can move around and get into some trouble.  As the video shows, the FiLIP 2 allows the kids to have their freedom, but still lets parents keep track of them.

How Did My Kids Get A Phone Watch Before Me?

FiLIP 2 Watch

As I have said many times before, it sure is a great time to be a kid.  Kids already have the coolest toys, now they get a fully functioning phone watch before us adults?  Everyone keeps talking about Smart Watches – like the Pebble and Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch…but those are just Bluetooth devices that pair with the phone in your pocket.

It is important to understand that the FiLIP 2 is a fully functioning phone that you wear on your wrist.  For just $10 a month (unlimited voice and data from AT&T) your child gets a wearable phone, that in addition to voice calling, uses a sophisticated combination of GPS, GSM and WiFi to provide accurate location information, even when indoors.

Sophisticated Hardware Deserves Beautifully Designed Software

There is no question that they crammed a great deal of technology into a kid sized watch.  While that is impressive, the most impressive piece is how they programmed the watch and app to make things simple and uncluttered.

For The Child…

  • A Super Simple Way To Make Calls (only 2 buttons on the watch)
  • If They Have an Emergency, Just Hold Down a Red Button for 3 Seconds (no need to remember phone numbers)
  • No Way For Strangers To Call Them (only 5 parent programmed contacts can call in)
  • No Value To A Thief (can only call out to 5 parent programmed numbers)
  • Get Simple Text Messages From Your 5 Contacts (always good to know when dinner is ready)

For the Parents…

  • Safe Zones Allow You To See When Your Child Enters or Leaves an Area
  • Feel Secure Knowing If There Is A Problem, Your Child Can Activate Emergency Mode
  • For Peace of Mind, You Can Always Check Where Your Child Is
  • Only 5 People Can Call Into the FiLIP 2 Watch
  • Can Enable Emergency Mode Right From The App
  • Only $10 a Month
  • Child Can Not Get Online or Chat/Text With Strangers
  • Receive Messages When It Is Time to Charge the FiLIP 2

You notice that things like being able to see a history of everyplace your child has been in the last 2 weeks is not on the list above.  Thankfully, the FiLIP 2 does not provide this level of spying on your children.   We firmly believe this level of detailed location history would cross the line and take away the freedom of kids to explore and be kids.  If you need to see where your kids are at any moment, you can do so with the app, but tracking their history of locations is not allowed.   We should note, you do see a history of entering and leaving Safe Zones in the message center.

Parents, Once You See The Emergency Mode, You Will Be Sold

We go into this in depth in the video, but the Emergency Mode blew us away.  Your child holds down the Red Button for 3 seconds and tons of sophisticated technology kicks in….but all hidden to your child.  The watch starts recording sounds, sending GPS location information and dialing the 5 contacts simultaneously.  To your child, they just hear a nice voice telling explaining that their contacts are being notified.

If you are one of the 5 contacts you get a call telling you an emergency has been issued and tells you to hit 1 to answer the call.  If no one picks-up, it calls again.  In addition, location information is now being sent every 60 seconds.  The great thing about all this is that it removes all the pressure from your son or daughter who is in the emergency.  They don’t need to think about who to call, or figure out where they are – they just press a button and the technology does the hard work in the background.  Pretty awesome stuff.

The Details On The FiLIP 2

FiLIP Phone

Let’s get into some of the details on the FiLIP 2 –

  • The FiLIP 2 Retails for $149.99 (on sale for $99 until 1/8/15)
  • Available in Superhero Blue or Watermelon Red (additional colors with accessories)
  • Monthly Service Plan is $10 from AT&T (unlimited)
  • FiLIP 2 Fits A Maximum Wrist Size of 5.6″
  • Wristband Size Can Be Changed With Small, Medium or Large Spacer
  • FiLIP 2 Can Be Worn With The Band Opened or Closed
  • FiLIP 2 Should Be Recharged Each Night

A Special Deal If You Act Fast on the FiLIP 2

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Conclusion: The FiLIP 2, The Right Use of Technology To Solve a Problem

The FiLIP 2 uses enough technology to solve a problem, without overreaching and limiting the ability of your kids to be kids! We found the watch incredibly easy to use and helpful.  While we have thankfully not had an Emergency Situation to do a live test, we love the way the Emergency Alert is programmed on the FiLIP 2.

We will continue to test the FiLIP 2 over the next few months, but it already seems clear, if you are looking for a way to keep track of your kids, without the hassles and costs of a full smartphone, the FiLIP 2 is an excellent choice.

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