The Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset Invasion Is Happening, Are You Ready?

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

It’s On Like Donkey Kong.  Or Virtual, 3D Donkey Kong at least.  The Google Cardboard invasion is here.  Don’t know what Google Cardboard is?  At a Google I/O conference in July, a couple of Google workers demonstrated how with a phone, some cardboard and few a cheap lenses you could build a Virtual Reality Headset.  Forget about waiting for Oculus Rift and spending hundreds of dollars, with Google Cardboard you could enter the Virtual World today…for under $20!

With 500,000 Google Cardboards Shipped, Things Are Getting Real

Google recently announced that over 500,000 Google Cardboard kits have been shipped.  The interesting thing is that Google does not make Google Cardboard – they simply developed the idea (and apps) and other companies make Google Cardboard kits. What is the difference in the kits and which one should you buy?  Yep, that is exactly why you read Dad Does!

Below we review two of the more popular Google Cardboard Kits, but it doesn’t stop there.  No, we have gone all in on this Virtual Realty bandwagon and just released our Living Guide To Virtual Reality on The Cheap.  If you have any interest in Google Cardboard and Virtual Reality, we strongly recommend you check out the guide.  As we test out new hardware and software, the guide will be updated on a regular basis.

Let’s jump into the Google Cardboard Reviews for today…

DodoCase VR – Google Cardboard Headset

DodoCase VR – Purchase for $25 At Amazon

As the video shows, the DodoCase VR is a solid and easy to build Google Cardboard case.  You get everything you need in the kit – lenses, magnets, NFC sticker, cardboard and instructions.  No additional tools needed to put things together.  You do need to stick on the lenses and velcro, but no cutting or gluing is necessary.

I AM CARDBOARD Virtual Reality Headsets- Google Cardboard

I AM CARDBOARD Cases – Purchase the Red Regular Size for About $25 At Amazon

Purchase the Black, LARGE Size for about $25 At Amazon

The I AM CARDBOARD Virtual Reality Headset is so easy to put together, you really need to try hard to screw it up.  Everything is already attached – the lenses, NFC sticker, magnets…all you need to do is fold some numbered tags together.  If you can count to 6, you will be able to put together the I AM CARDBOARD headset in under 1 minute.

We loved the Red one – everything works great and looks great.

With the Black, BIGGER version, we had issues with the magnet not registering the click when we pulled it.  We were testing with a Samsung Galaxy S4 – which worked great in the Red headset.  Due to this problem, we would recommend the standard size over the Bigger size.


Both the DodoCase VR and I AM CARDBOARD are easy to setup and work well.  As they are priced the same and the I AM CARDBOARD comes with all the pieces pre-attached, we would go with the I AM CARDBOARD for the simpler setup.  Once they are setup, both Google Cardboard headsets worked equally well and we could not tell any difference in lens quality.

Follow The Guide, Much More to Come

Did you know that Google Cardboard comes in Plastic?  Yep and we are testing out a number of plastic versions of Google Cardboard.  Please visit our Guide to Virtual Reality on The Cheap to keep up with all our latest Virtual Reality Reviews.

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