Give a Toy, Get a Lap Dance…We Certainly Live in Interesting Times


Wife: Were You Off Blowing Our Money At The Strip Club Again?

Husband: No, I Was Doing a Toy Drive For the Needy

Wife: Why Does the Credit Card Bill Have All These Charges from The Strip Club?

Husband: Well, It Is Rude Not to Tip The Person Who Takes Your Toys!

Yep, that is the conversation that will start playing out in Chicago starting tomorrow.  The World Famous (Infamous?) Admiral Theatre (aka Strip Club) is launching their Annual Toy Drive: Lap Dances for the Needy.  The Admiral is offering a free lap dance to anyone who donates an unused, unwrapped toy (with a value of at least $15) between Friday, December 5th and Sunday, December 21st.

This Might Be Why The Term Mixed Message Was Invented

We love toys.  We love helping out those in need.  Somebody wants to do a Toy Drive for children in need – we say awesome!  This, well, it is certainly odd.  On the one hand, collecting toys for the needy is certainly a great message.  On the other hand, encouraging guys to bring a kids toy to a strip club so they can get a free lap dance, then blow through so much money on drinks and more lap dances that they don’t have money to buy their kids presents…well that is a whole different message.

Hmm, maybe this doesn’t cross the line, yet.  You know we are in real trouble when someone decides to eliminate the strippers from the equation and go straight with needy kids giving lap dances in exchange for toys.  Actually, maybe we are already doomed!  It is never a good sign when you can say this about your current situation, “You know we are in real trouble when someone decides to eliminate the strippers from the equation.

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