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Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Dad Does Holiday Gift Guide 2014
Just Fun Toys For Everyone

Some toys don’t fit nicely into a category.  Maybe they are not a RC toy or a Blaster…but that is fine, because who are we to apply labels anyway.  One man’s blaster could be another man’s oddly shaped walking stick.  Anyway, label or no label – we know fun when we see it!  In this edition of our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide we present some fun toys, that refuse to be pigeon holed into one category…but they would still make great presents!

Razor Power Rider 360

Razor PowerRider 360

What would happen if you were to take the Big Wheel we all had as kids, strapped an electric motor to it and then made the back wheels spin a full 360 degrees?  You would end up with the very cool Razor Power Rider 360.  Anything can drive forward, but the real fun comes when you drive sideways or do sick 360 degree spins and drifts.  The only problem with the Razor Power Rider 360…grown-ups don’t fit on it!

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Purchase the Razor Power Rider 360 for $159 from Amazon

Razor Crazy Cart
Crazy Cart

Did you look at the Power Rider 360 above and think, “fun, but just not crazy enough for my kids?”  If so, then we have the product for you – The Razor Crazy Cart.  This time the 10 year olds* who are now designed products for Razor came up with the idea of taking a Go Kart, strapping on two 12 volt batteries, making the back wheels spin 360 degrees, adding on a Drift Bar and oh yeah, removing the brake.

What is the end result of all this craziness?  Endless fun! Kids go absolutely nuts for the Crazy Cart.  The spins you can do…at 12 MPH…are insanely fast.  The kids would literally spin themselves sick if you left them with the Crazy Cart all day, luckily the battery needs to be recharged after 40 minutes, so that gives the kids some time to regain their balance.

*We have absolutely no proof that 10 year olds have taken over the design jobs at Razor, but come on…who else would come up with a Crazy Cart?

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Purchase the Razor Crazy Cart for $299 at Amazon.

Skylanders Trap Team

Trap Team

Do Skylanders really need any introduction anymore?  If you have kids, ages 7-14, you are probably all too familiar with the Skylanders characters and video games.  What you might not be familiar with is a Skylander Portal that contains the trapped voices of villains.  New for 2014 is Skylanders Trap Team.  For the first time you can trap villains from Skylanders and hold them in special crystals.  Best of all, you get to convert the bad guys to good guys and play as numerous villains.  Yes, this means your kids can now trap and play as Kaos!

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Purchase Skylanders Trap Team at Amazon.Com for About $50 (various platforms)

Max Tow Truck

You may look at the picture above and think, “what’s the big deal  with a little toy truck, that doesn’t even have a remote control?”  Well, the Max Tow Truck is unlike any tow truck you have ever seen.  The Max Tow Truck can pull up to 200 pounds…which sounds very hard to believe.  In fact I wouldn’t believe it…had it not pulled me!  Check out the video below –

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Purchase the Max Tow Truck At Amazon for about $50


Does the world need Interactive Singing Birds?  Yes, yes it does.  We were not expecting to like the DigiBirds from Spin Master – I mean what is so fun about an electric bird?  It turns out the singing and whistling DigiBirds are so cute, we couldn’t put them down.  One DigiBird is neat, but when you put a few of them together and listen to them sing a song together, that is when things get really fun!

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A Single Pack DigiBird is about $15 on Amazon

Switch & Go Dinos Turbo – Bronco the RC Triceratops

Here are some facts…Kids like Dinos.  Kids like RC toys.  Kids like anything that transforms.   Give those facts, it is no surprise that Switch and Go Dinos Turbo – Bronco the RC Triceratops is so popular.  Switch and Go Dinos have always been popular, but this year they added the ability to remotely transform Bronco and we have to say, it is pretty cool to watch.

Purchase the Switch and Go Dino Turbo: Bronco At Amazon for about $34

Spy Gear Door Alarm
Spy Gear Door Alarm

Kids, do you really know who goes into your room when you are at school?  How can you be sure your Dad is not sneaking in and playing with your stuffed animals?  You are in need of some security in your room and may we suggest the Spy Gear Door Alarm.  Hook the Door Alarm up to your door and if someone tries to enter, without the passcode you create, the alarm sounds.  Great little toy for imaginative play and who doesn’t imagine themselves as a cool spy?  Now kids, you just need to figure out how to punish Dad once you bust him.

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Purchase the Spy Gear Door Alarm at Amazon.Com for About $25

Electric Bolt GhostRider Scooter

Electric Bolt Ghostrider

Scooters have been a popular Holiday Gift for years and we don’t see that trend changing anytime soon.  If you want to get your kid a sweet ride, take a look at the Electric Bolt GhostRider Scooter.  The Electric Bolt has Instant Throttle Response (ITR) technology, in other words, you twist the throttle and off you go!  With dual 12 Volt batteries, the GhostRider tops out at 13 MPH.  No kick starting needed here – just twist the throttle and gooooo…

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Purchase the Ghostrider At Amazon.com For $145

Stay Tuned, More To Come:

This guide is a living guide and will be expanding as we test and review new products.  Please bookmark this page and check back often for the latest reviews.  Also check out our full 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for links to all the other gift guides.



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