Son, Don’t Mind that Huge Magnet on Your Head, I Just Want You to Be A SouthPaw Like Your Old Man

Magnets Can Make You Left Handed

Magnets Can Make You Left Handed

I am a left handed Dad and proud of it.  It is a well know fact that lefties are 237.648% better in everything than righties (go ahead and Google it).  So, you can understand my frustration and feeling of failure with the fact that both my sons are right handed.  Where did I go wrong?  Should I have kept their right hands tied behind their backs longer when they were babies?

Science To The Rescue – Now You Too Can Have a Lefty

It was with great excitement that I read this on the Time Magazine NewsFeed-

Scientists from UC Berkeley now claim they’ve discovered a way to switch a person’s preference from their right-hand to their left by overriding the brain’s decision process using – yes, magnets.  Through transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, the Berkeley team has found a way to disable the competition between the two hands that occurs in your cortex each time you perform a small task.
Science, you never cease to amaze me.  Sure, we still have cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure – but if we can lick this right handed epidemic that has crippled this country, we will be in fine shape.

Dads, Think of All the Possibilities

Right handed pitchers are a dime a dozen, but southpaws – now you are talking the big time!   What team doesn’t need a big left handed bat in their order?  Clearly, this device is the key to us Dads retiring young and living off our sons and daughters when they are rich and famous.

Wait, what if all the Dads are thinking like me and will instantly strap a scary magnet to their childs head, blast them with who knows what and turn their kids into lefties.  Then there would be too many lefties and the real money would be in having a righty.  Don’t worry, I am sure scientist right now are working on a way to turn lefties to righties.

Via Time Magazine NewsFeed – Could a Magnet Force You To Be Left Handed

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