Love Toys and Games? You Need to Get To Chicago This Weekend!

Chicago Toy and Game Fair 2014

Chicago Toy and Game Fair 2014

Chicago – The Windy City.  So named because people in Chicago have so much fun playing toys and games that they physically get winded from all the fun.  Fine, for 361 days a year that last statement might be totally made up, but for the 4 days when the Chicago Toy and Game Fair is going on…oh yeah, folks will be coughing up a lung from fun.

A World of Fun Hits Chicago

While we go to the International Toy Fair in NYC each year, it is a little like having pancakes without maple syrup.  As any decent, warm blooded human knows, pancakes need maple syrup to be that delicious breakfast food.  The Toy Fair has the toys (the pancakes) but lacks the kids (the maple syrup).  That’s right, no kids are allowed at the International Toy Fair!

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair 2014 is absolutely Kid Friendly.   On November 21st and the 22nd, the Navy Pier in Chicago is turned into the ultimate fun fest for kids and adults.  Check out the ChiTag page (that is what all the cool kids call it) to learn more – but if there is any way you can be in Chicago this weekend, I strongly recommend you attend and PLAY!

Is It Just a Toy Fair?

Those astute readers will pickup on the fact that we said for 4 days Chicago is turned into fun city…but the Toy Fair is just 2 days???  Ah wise warrior, there is more to toys than just a fair!

How about the Toy and Game Innovation Conference that starts on Thursday November 20th.  And who doesn’t like awards?  On Friday you have the Toy and Game Inventor of The Year Awards.  Fashion more your thing?  Check out the Play Chic Fashion Show.  As you can see, it is multiple days of fun, awards, fashion and most importantly – PLAYING!

Go, See, Invent and PLAY!

Is our subtle, subliminal messaging working yet…you should PLAY!  We know not everyone can make it out to Chicago, but if you can check out the Chicago Toy and Game Fair…because everyone deserves some time to play!

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