Attack of the Robots! The Best Robot Toys of 2014

Ollie by Sphero

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Attack of the Robots! Top Robot Toys for 2014

I had pretty much assumed that robots would be my new Overlord…I just didn’t think they would look like game pieces or cars or dinosaurs.   2014 was a great year for robot toys and the size and shape of some of the robots will surprise you.  Let’s get this guide started before my robot Overlord returns and makes me oil his joints again…

MiP by WowWee

MiP Robot

We start with a robot that looks like, well a robot.  MiP from WowWee is a very cool self balancing robot that loves to play games.  MiP is the robot friend that can dance, speak, listen, change moods, battle, play games, roam freely, oh and did we mention that he does all this while balancing on two wheels?

Here is the only problem Moms and Dads…while MiP sells for a reasonable $89, if you really want to treat the kids right, you need to get two MiPs!  Check out the battle video below and you will see what we are talking about.  Playing a laser tag like battle game with two MiPs, as they self balance, feels like traveling to the future.

Get Two MiPs and things get really fun…

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Purchase the MiP Robot for $89 from Amazon

Zoomer Dino
Zoomer Dino

MiP is not the only self balancing robot in town, the very cool Zoomer Dino from Spin Master also manages to stay upright on just two tiny wheels.  Let’s state the obvious – Dinos are cool…always have been, always will be.  If you have a Dino lover in your life, they are going to absolutely freak for the robotic Zoomer Dino.

Zoomer Dino (called Boomer) is a prehistoric pet filled with personality.  He spins, moves all around, chomps, roars and gets angry.  What would make a Dino angry? Pulling his tail of course.  Zoomer also comes with a remote so you can take control of Zoomer…for now.  How long before he eats that remote and starts rampaging to take over the world?

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Buy Zoomer Dino at Amazon for $89


Anki Drive

Here is where the robot thing gets weird.  Take a look at Anki DRIVE and they look like cars you control with your iOS or Android device.  Ah, but looks can be deceiving. The Anki cars are actually very sophisticated robot cars with numerous sensors.  Anki DRIVE is like video game racing comes to the real world.  Fire lasers, drop virtual mines on the track and pull your competitors back with a tractor beam.  Robotic race cars may not look like robots, but they sure are fun!

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Purchase the Anki DRIVE Starter Kit At Amazon for about $149


Who says robots need a head, arms and legs?  Ozobot is a tiny robot that lives on a steady diet of color.  No complicated programming for the kids to learn here, they simply use a series of color codes to give Ozobot directions.  Ozobot scoots along paper (or on your tablet via the app) and reads different color codes and reacts.  Part robot, part game piece with a brain, Ozobot is hard to describe, but fun to play with!

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The Ozobot Single Pack Sells for $49 on Amazon

Battroborg Warrior

Battroborg Warriors

Now we get to the real reason any kid wants a robot…to battle to the death!  Battroborg Warriors builds on the Battroborg robots from last year by adding weapons to the RC robots.  Come on, does it get better than a RC robot with a samurai sword? By using a single-handled katana blade controller, the kids swing like wild and watch their Borg battle it out in the arena.

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Purchase the BattroBorg Warrior Starter Pack At Amazon for about $59


Younger kids like robots too!  TIPSTER from WowWee  is friendly enough to be a perfect fit for kids ages 4 and up.  With 5 different play modes, and an easy to use remote, Tipster combines a fun personality along with interactive activities, like balancing, stacking, counting and more.  In our testing Tipster was durable and took a beating, which is key when marketing to 4 year olds.  Tipster has such a playful personality you can almost be tricked into believing he was not secretly sent here by his brother MiP to enslave our children.

Buy Tipster Robot for $41 at Amazon.Com

Ollie By Sphero

Ollie by Sphero

Is Ollie by Sphero a robot or an RC toy?  We’re still not sure, but we are sure that it’s crazy fun! Ollie is an app-controlled robot that can go 14 MPH.  While 14 MPH is plenty fast, the real fun comes when you do spins, drifts, flips and other app-powered tricks.  Oh, did we mention the super cool LED lights all over Ollie and the custom tires and hubcaps you can add?

Be it for kids or adults, Ollie will bring adrenaline filled joy this holiday season!

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Buy Ollie for $99 at Amazon.Com

Stay Tuned, More To Come:

This guide is a living guide and will be expanding as we test and review new products.  Please bookmark this page and check back often for the latest reviews.  Also check out our full 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for links to all the other gift guides.



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