Spotlight On Good – Monte’s March V, Doesn’t This Man Know How to Fake An Injury?

Monte's March

Spotlight On Good

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, “Hey, seems like a good day to push an empty shopping cart for 26 miles?” If you did happen to push an empty shopping cart for 26 miles, did you do it again the next year, and the next year, and the next year?  Finally, if you saw the weather forecast for Thursday, November 6th, 2014 was for heavy rain, would you still set out to push an empty shopping cart for 26 miles, for the 5th straight year?

If you are Monte Belmonte, the answer is yes.  Hey, Monte, don’t you know how to fake an injury and take a year off?

Luckily, Monte Doesn’t Take A Year Off, And Neither Should We!

Monte's March

Via WRSI Facebook Page

Monte Belmonte is a DJ for WRSI, The River, in Northampton, MA.  For the last 4 years he has done Monte’s March – where he pushes an empty shopping cart for 26 miles to raise money and awareness about hunger issues in Western Massachusetts.  In total, Monte has raised over $100,000 for the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

As every dollar donated to the Food Bank provides 3 meals to people in need – Monte has provides over 300,000 meals to people in need in Massachusetts.

As amazing as that is, Monte still needs our help…

Hunger is A Real and Solvable Problem – Let’s Make a Difference!

In Western Massachusetts, one in eight people—at least 200,000 region-wide—struggles to put a meal on the table or has to choose between paying for utilities or buying food. Many more may miss meals every now and then, or rely on alternative ways to get food they can’t purchase, like dumpster diving or visiting a meal site.

As sobering as those numbers are, the good news is that we can absolute fix the hunger problems in America – it just takes all of us to do our part to make a difference.  On Thursday, November 6th 2014 – Monte is doing the hard work of pushing his empty shopping cart for 26 miles, let’s all do our part by providing a donation –

1-888-323-HOPE (4673)

Or Donate Online

Here is Your Lunchtime Activity for Thursday

Thursday I will be altering up my normal lunchtime activity.  Rather than eating my sandwich while watching videos of cats playing musical instruments, while secretly hating on my talentless cat, I will be donating to Monte’s March.  It is so easy to take for granted that we have lunch everyday, it seems like the perfect time to give back to the community and make sure others can eat…and get into the ritual of watching cats play musical instruments.

Won’t you join me in my Thursday lunchtime plans?  Let’s give to Monte’s March, Let’s Do Some Good and Let’s Work to End Hunger!

More Information:

Donate by Calling 1-888-323-HOPE (4673) or Online.

Learn More About WRSI, The River

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Learn How To Help The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

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