Dad Does Guide to The Top Remote Control (RC) Toys for 2014

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Dad Does Holiday Gift Guide 2014
Top Remote Control (RC) Toys for 2014

In today’s Holiday Gift Guide we offer up some of the best RC Toys we have played with in 2014.  Remote control toys have sure come a long way since we were kids.  Flying cars, drones with cameras, bots you can chuck over walls…it is a fine time to be a kid.  Worried these toys are not educational enough?  Of course they are!  With the way the NSA is moving, by the time your kids grow up, being able to pilot a drone will be a more important skill than reading or math :)

Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk Flying Car

Hot Wheels Street Hawk

RC cars are fun.  RC planes are cool.  An RC Car that can also fly….that is awesome! The Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car is the flying car we all wished we had.  Drive it along the driveway, bump up the throttle and suddenly the Street Hawk is airborne.  After taking a few loops around the house, practice your piloting skills as you try to bring the Street Hawk in for a smooth landing.  The only problem?  This toy is so popular it will be flying off retailers shelves – you have been warned.

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Purchase the Hot Wheels Street Hawk by Mattel at Amazon for about $49

Sky Viper Camera Drone
Sky Viper Camera Drone

Drones are everywhere.  So the only way to protect your privacy is to get the kids a drone, with a camera, so they can spy on the drones that are trying to spy on you.  The Sky Viper Camera Drone from Skyrocket Toys takes video, photos, has a range of 200 feet and oh yeah, with the press of a button can do stunts like 360 degree flips.  The best part Moms and Dads?  You get all this for under $80.

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Buy the Camera Drone at Toys R Us for $69

Air Hogs Roller Copter

Roller Copter

Does your son or daughter love the idea of a RC Helicopter but lacks the patience to put in the time to become a skilled pilot?  The Air Hogs Roller Copter is the perfect solution.  The fine folks at Air Hogs have trapped a RC Helicopter inside a protective cage – bounce it off ceiling and walls without a care in the world.  Just remind them, when it comes time to get their drivers license, Air Hogs doesn’t make protective cages for real cars.

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Purchase the Air Hogs Roller Copter At Amazon for about $45

Covert OPS Video Recon Bot
Covert OPS Video Recon Bot

Not all spy missions go as planned.  Sometimes you need a bot, with a camera that can stream live video back to your remote.  The bot may even need to drive over rocks, mud and sticks.  But what happens when you reach a wall your bot can’t climb over?  If you have the Spy Net Covert OPS Video Recon Bot, you simply pick it up and throw it over the wall!  Yep, a RC bot, that is cool enough to stream live video, but rugged enough to survive being chucked all around!

The SpyNet Covert OPS Ultra Tuff Video Recon Bot Sells for About $59 at Amazon.

Air Hogs Vectron Wave 2.0

Air Hogs Vectron Wave 2.0

Technically the Air Hogs Vectron Wave 2.0 is not a RC toy.  There is no remote control for the Vectron Wave 2.0, unless you consider your hand, or leg or head a remote control.  Simply place the Vectron Wave over your hand (or leg, or head) and the Vectron Wave hoovers over your body part.  Grab the stick on the top of the Vectron Wave and fling it across the room.  Turn out the lights and get hypnotized by the cool LED lights on the Vectron Wave 2.0.

Fun Fact – The Air Hogs Vectron Wave 2.0 became the first RC Toy to go into space…and return back to earth.  Read all about the 100,000 foot journey of the Vectron Wave in Space here.

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Purchase the Air Hogs Vectron Wave 2.0 At Amazon for about $24


Not all remote control toys are about racing, flying or precision control.  A RC toy like Noomie from WowWee toys is all about being cute and filled with personality.  Noomie is the rare RC toy that is more geared toward girls and puts an emphasis on accessories.  Change hats and lips on Noomie and watch how her personality changes.  Just between you and me, I think Noomie has a personality disorder…but she is still fun to play with.

Buy Noomie at Amazon.Com for $49

Micro Drone 2.0
Micro Drone 2.0

Quadcopters are all the rage in 2014.  So, what can a company like Extreme Fliers do to make a quadcopter that stands out from the pack?  How about shrinking it down and adding a video camera!  The Micro Drone 2.0 from Extreme Fliers is tiny is size but huge in fun.  You get a tiny Drone that can do flips with the press of a button, record video, take photos and is incredible fast and responsive.  Let the drone wars begin!

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Buy the Micro Drone 2.0 With Camera Kit for $128

Silverlit Nano Falcon

Nano Falcon

Why is it that any technology becomes cooler the smaller it gets.  You might think, what is the big deal about the Silverlit Nano Falcon – a RC helicopter that doesn’t do stunts, have a camera or even an app.  Well, the big deal is that it is small…really small.  In fact the Nano Falcon is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest RC helicopter. While the Nano Falcon is small in size, it is large in fun.

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Purchase the Siliverlit Nano Falcon for $30 At Amazon

Air Hogs HyperTrax

Kids just love to get dirty…so get them the RC toy that can get dirty with them!  The Air Hogs HYPERTRAX is a remote control vehicle that has deep treads for driving over almost anything it encounters and if it can’t get over it, it just flips over and drives the other way.  Yep, the Hypertrax can drive with either side up.

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Buy the Air Hogs HYPERTRAX for $34 on Amazon.

Parrot Mini Drone and Jumping Sumo

Parrot Jumping Sumo

No list of RC toys can be complete without mention of the cool toys coming out of Parrot.  The Parrot Mini Drone and Parrot Jumping Sumo put on an impressive display at CES 2014 and are now available for purchase.  While we have not had a chance to do hands on testing, the Parrot products looked very impressive from the CES Demo –

To learn more, visit Parrot Jumping Sumo

Stay Tuned, More To Come:

This guide is a living guide and will be expanding as we test and review new products.  Please bookmark this page and check back often for the latest reviews.  Also check out our full 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for links to all the other gift guides.



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