The Flying Car Is Here…In Toy Form. Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk Is High Flying Fun

Hot Wheels Street Hawk

Hot Wheels Street Hawk

Ever since I was a kid in elementary school, I have been promised a future filled with flying cars.  Who can forget those Scholastic Newspapers of the 70’s that promised by the year 2000 we would be in a our flying cars, shooting the breeze with our robots.

While I am still bitter about not having a flying car yet, maybe this is how it gets started.  Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk is a toy flying car that is so fun, perhaps it will inspire the rocket scientist of the world to get busy building full size flying cars.  While we are waiting for that, let’s pass the time watching our full video review of the Hot Wheels Street Hawk RC Flying Car -

It’s A Car And It Flies…What’s Not to Love?

As the video shows, there is a whole lot to love about the Hot Wheels Street Hawk.  Every time you are driving along the driveway and then go airborne…well, it’s almost impossible not to smile when that happens.  Once up in the air, the Street Hawk is an excellent flier that is highly responsive to your controls.  As with all RC planes, it does take some practice to get your piloting skills down pat, but after a few test flights you will be flying like a pro.

Here is some more information on the Hot Wheels Street Hawk –

  • Race it on land or take it to the skies
  • Flies up to 200 feet
  • 360-degree proportional ground steering
  • Charges via USB or transmitter
  • 2.4 Ghz Remote
  • Dual 8mm electric motors

Why Pick Between A RC Car and RC Plane?

Back in the day…say September 2014…you needed to pick which toy you really wanted – an RC car or a RC plane.  Now Mattel gives us both in one toy with the Hot Wheels Street Hawk.  Sure, it is a much more capable plane than car, but if you are indoors and still want to play, you can use the Street Hawk in car mode.  In the end, drive, taxi, take-off, fly and land – it is all incredibly fun with the Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk Flying Car!

More Information:

The Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk Flying Car from Mattel Retails for $59 at Shop Mattel

Purchase the Hot Wheels Street Hawk for about $49 At Amazon.Com

Watch Our Full Video Review of the Hot Wheels RC Street Hawk Flying Car

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