Review: Ozobot, The Smart Robot You Code With Color



What is the fist thing that jumps into your head when I say… Robots and Coding?

Strings of numbers?  Complex languages?  Nightmares about If Then statements?

Sure makes sense…unless you are talking about Ozobot.  In that case, the colors red, blue, green and black should fill your mind.  Ozobot is the programmable robot unlike anything you have ever seen before…until now, because we are about to show Ozobot to you!

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Ozobot, The Robotic Game Piece With a Brain

Ozobot is very hard to describe.  Yes, it is a robot, in that it has precision sensors and you can program it via color code combination.   The thing is, Ozobot is not a robot in the way we imagine a robot – no arms, legs, spooky voice telling us it means us no harm…which of course means it does.  We digress, back to what Ozobot really is – yes it is a robot, but in practice it is more like a game piece with a brain.  You create games on paper or a tablet and Ozobot brings those games to life.

Here is the official description of what Ozobot is –

“Featuring a color optical sensing module and two independent micro-motors, Ozobot is a fast and precise miniature smart robot that instantly reacts to lines, patterns and color sequences on both digital and physical surfaces.”

Wait, maybe Ozobot is your typical trash talking robot who is here to take over the world, because here he is talking about himself in the first person…

“I provide kids and techies an expressive way to learn and play with robotics in a variety of social and interactive settings. I come to life when you create mazes, tracks and playgrounds on paper, game boards and digital screens. I also come with free downloadable apps and become your physical avatar for some truly one of a kind augmented reality games.

I teach you code language, robotic behavior and deductive reasoning while effortlessly playing on multi-dimensional environments. Expand your imagination and gain skills for life through my ability to play creative, strategic and competitive games with you.”

One Thing We Do Know, Ozobot is Fun

While it might be a challenge trying to describe exactly what Ozobot is, it is easy to explain what Ozobot provides – fun!  Hand Ozobot to five different kids and they will play with Ozobot in five different ways.  Younger kids might love drawing with markers and watching Ozobot follow the lines and change colors.  Older kids may get into programming some serious mazes and brain teasers for Ozobot.

Ozobot is not just for kids either.  We could definitely see adults using Ozobot as an intelligent game piece and creating new games that work with Ozobots abilities.  We reviewed the Ozobot Dual Pack, which we highly recommend, because then you can do races and expanded competition games with Ozobot.

The Play Value of Ozobot Will Only Grow With More Users

As much as we enjoyed playing with Ozobot, we expect the play value to increase as people come up with clever and different uses for Ozobot.  We could see people designing board games that use Ozobot as the game piece and combine strategy, luck and the need to color code quickly!  The cool thing is that people can share the games as pdfs, so the play value of Ozobot will continue to expand as more users come on board. In addition, there are a number of Ozobot apps that are coming in the next few months, so this will expand the fun as well.

If your looking for a fun and educational toy, that combines digital and physical play, Ozobot is a wonderful choice.   Moms and Dads, just remember to give the kids a turn!

More Information:

Ozobot from Evollve, $44.99 for a Single Pack and $89.99 for a Dual Pack

Ozobot Dual Pack Video Review

The Ozobot Dual Pack as shown in the video includes:

Titanium and Crystal Ozobots, original skins plus 2 limited edition skins, game & instruction cards, carrying cases and micro-usb cables.

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