Dad Does Makes One Earth Shattering Prediction for 2011

2011 Predictions By Dad Does

2011 Predictions By Dad Does

Here at Dad Does we have been running our super computers straight since 1/1/2010 until 12/30/2010 – just to analyze data and make an iron clad, take it to the bank prediction for 2011.   Not impressed yet?  Well, how about the fact that Dad Does did not exist until 09/2010, so we had to use a time machine to go back to 1/1/2010 to start our super computers.

The computer has just finished and we now have a can’t miss prediction for 2011.

Here is the Dad Does Can’t Miss Prediction for 2011

The Dad Does Prediction for 2011 -

Many of the Predictions That People Make Will Be Wrong

There you go – take it to the bank, go to Vegas, thank us later.

Need some proof that we got this one right – fine.  Here are some predictions people made for 2010 -

The Apple Tablet Will be a Failure

“To believe that Apple can somehow succeed where all others have failed is to ignore some fundamental realities of tablet computing.” Randall C. Kennedy,, Dec. 22, 2009

Let’s see, 4 million iPads sold in 3 months – I could use some of that failure.

Twitter will Fail

Twitter, as we know it, will fade away. Either acquired or shut down.” CNBC Tech Check Predictions 2010, Dec. 1, 2009

Well, let’s give CNBC some credit here – Twitter did get a new interface – so Twitter as we knew it did fade away???  No, I think growing to 100 million users and about a $4 Billion market valuation is not exactly fading away.

The Common Cold Will Go Away

“I predict we can truly say “goodbye” to the common cold.” Sylvia Brown, Psychic

I think I speak for every Mom and Dad when I say, oh man I wish this psychic was right on this one!  However, the amount of money we spend on tissues is proof enough that this was another failed prediction.

Dad Blogs Will Take Over All Aspects of Your Life

“It is completely obvious that dad blogs will take over the internet in 2010.  I believe a network of 4 or 5 dad bloggers will pool their resources and buy Google, Facebook and Twitter and turn their offices into sleep away camps for their kids.  A little less obvious, but still guaranteed to happen in 2010 – Dad blogs will actually eat and breath for 72.6% of the population.”  Daddy Dan, Psychic To the Psychic’s  Hamsters

Okay, that one we did make up.

Our New Slogan, “Dad Does, Because Everyone Else is Wrong

How can we predict the future when most of us can’t even agree on what happened in the past?  So, we are taking the high road – no silly predictions for 2011 from Dad Does – we simply predict other peoples predictions will be wrong.    But don’t think we are completely sour on the predictions game, we are working the computers hard and believe by June of 2011 we will be ready to release our predictions for 2009!

Happy New Year to All!

*Special Thanks to AOL 10 Worst Predictions Article For The Data

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