Got Cute Kids? They’ll Look Even Cuter Plastered On The Side of a 31 Foot Bus



Your daughter scores the winning goal for her soccer team and you happen to shoot the perfect video of the amazing moment.  Sure, you could share that video on YouTube and Facebook.  Even if your friends have the new iPhone 6 Plus – that screen is just not big enough to do your daughter’s incredible athletic skills justice.  Perhaps everyone you know has an Apple TV and can pop that awesome video onto their 60″ Flat Screen TV.  Closer, but come on, your daughter is a star now, she needs more exposure than that.

How about having that winning soccer goal video digitally plastered on the side of a 31 Foot Bus?  Now we are talking!

Starting today, Zeusvision is changing the way outdoor advertising works.  Starting at just $99, anyone can have their message, video or photo displayed on the side of a Zeusvision Digital Media Bus.  Parent bragging is about to take on a whole new dimension!

The Line Between Outdoor Ads and Social Sharing Just Got Blurry

As consumers, there are certain things that have seemed out of our reach.  When you are driving down the highway and see a huge billboard for Apple, you don’t think, “I should get one of those to thank the other parents in the carpool.”  When walking through Time Square, you don’t look up at the ad for Nike on the Jumbotron and think, “I really should make one of those for that cute video of my cat playing with a shoelace.

ZeusVision, with their new consumer friendly pricing for outdoor ads on their Digital Multimedia buses is looking to completely change who has access to outdoor advertising.  Much like YouTube wrestled control of video distribution from the few major networks, ZeusVision is looking to take control of outdoor advertising from the big companies and bring it to the masses.

“Outdoor advertising is an elitist business. I want to bring the power of large-scale outdoor media within reach of the average person.” –Giovanni Wolfgang, CEO, Zeusvision

These Are No Ordinary Buses

ZeusVision is planning a fleet of digital buses that will have some pretty incredible technology.  In addition to offering a beautiful 31 Foot Digital screen, Zeusvision is including on-board technologies, like GPS, cameras, inertial motion sensors, light sensors, eye tracking, gesture tracking, real-time GPU processing, and other tech packages they are still exploring that allow your graphics and video to interact with the public in ways never dreamed of before.

In effect the Zeusvision Bus becomes a giant iPhone on wheels.  The possibilities of how consumers could use this technology are endless.  You have the obvious like wedding proposals and all types of bragging – but we could see other uses as well.  Let’s say you are a food blogger and trying to get more people to visit your site.  For $99 you create an ad on a Zeusvision Bus, that will drive down Broadway at dinner time, showing off the awesome recipes you have on your site.  You would never spend $100,000 for a billboard on Broadway, but $99 for a full multimedia ad, right at eye level with dinners – that could work!

Here is quick video showing a Zeusvision Digital Bus –


Dad Does Is Going For A Digital Bus Ride!

At Dad Does we are all about reviewing and testing products and services, so we will be testing out Zeusvision.  Toward the end of November, we will have a Dad Does ad run on a Zeusvision Bus and we will see how it works.  After the ad has run, we will report back on how the whole process worked.  Between now and the end of November, we will have our cameras rolling, just to make sure we catch any cute things the kids…or cat does!

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The $99 Consumer Ad Package is Launching Today – 10/27/14

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