Review: Gravity Maze From ThinkFun, Marbles and Logic Unite!

Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze

Marble runs are fun.  Mazes and logic puzzles are also cool.  Hmm, what would happen if you combined the building fun of a marble run with the logic challenges of a puzzle?  You would get Gravity Maze from ThinkFun!

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Learning Is Easy When Things Are Fun!

The translucent towers in Gravity Maze look cool.  Kids will have fun snapping towers together, going horizontal or vertical and experimenting with different orientations for the towers.  Drop a marble in, watch it race down a 3D Marble Maze…all fun stuff.

You notice I never mentioned anything about learning in the above paragraph.  This is because, first and foremost a toy needs to be fun…otherwise kids will never play with it.  Gravity Maze is fun, which means that the kids will play with it, which means they are secretly learning (don’t tell the kids)!  Kids are learning visual perception and reasoning skills as they try to complete the challenges.

60 Challenges from Beginner to Insanely Complex

Technically “Insanely Complex” is not a ThinkFun term – they use the word “expert”.  The cool thing is the game really grows with your child.  Once your children have mastered the beginner cards they can then move on to intermediate, advanced and expert level cards.  Some logic games are either too easy or too hard to keep kids interested.  By having 60 Challenge cards, at different levels of difficulty, Gravity Maze is able to keep children of all skill levels engaged.

Don’t Feel Like Thinking?  Just Build Marble Runs

While the real appeal of Gravity Maze is the combination of a marble run and a logic puzzle, kids can still just build marble runs.  It is not the biggest set in the world (includes 10 gravity maze towers) but you can still build some interesting marble runs.

If you are looking for a fun single player game, that can also help the kids with visual perception and reasoning skills, Gravity Maze by ThinkFun is an excellent choice.

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