A Quick Recap Of The Perfect Toys For That Little Spy In Your Life

Spy Toys

Spy Toys

Hey Moms and Dads looking to give your kids some direction? Trying to point them toward a growth industry – something they might be able to get a job in and pay off their $200K in college debt?  I’ve got one word for you… Spying.  I mean come on, is there any agency growing faster than the NSA?  Someone has to read all my personal emails.  In fact, I was just probably put on three different watchlists for mentioning Spying and the NSA.  Well, nice to know someone is reading the site – great to see you again Agent X342G1.

What toys are perfect to get your youngsters started in the world of spying?  Spy Gear of course!  Today we take a quick look at some of the new Spy Gear toys for 2014…

Spy Gear Dart Trap

Motion activated dart trap.  Do we really need to say anymore? The kids set the Dart Trap in their room, you sneak in to try to steal their toys – BOOM – you are riddled with darts.  Fine, maybe riddled is a little strong – more like lightly touched with plastic darts – but still fun.  As with all the Spy Gear stuff, the key here is imaginative play – fun tools to let the kids act out their spy fantasies.

Sells for about $13 on Amazon.

Spy Gear Spy Door Alarm

What if you don’t want your parents to reach the inside of your room, where the Dart Trap is providing extra security?  In that case you need the Spy Gear Door Alarm.  Look it has red lights, green lights, beeps and a touch pad – how cool is that?  Again, a very well done toy that will allow kids to imagine they are spies…and it makes a lot of noise, which all kids love.

Spy Gear Spy Door Alarm sells for about $22 on Amazon.

Spy Gear Night Scope

Sometimes a subject is just too dangerous to get close to.  For example, if you have a little brother in a full blown melt-down, do you really want to get anywhere near that?  Of course not, but you do want to see what is going on.  Pull out the Spy Gear Night Scope and with the 3x magnification, check out all the action.  Little brother just smashed over the lamp?  No problem, just flick on your night vision and keep observing…and snickering.

The Spy Gear Night Scope is Available For About $12

Spy Gear Undercover Spy Cam Phone

We have saved the best for last.  It looks like a phone, but really it is a motion activated covert spy camera.  The NSA would be so proud.  No the photo quality is not great, but it is good enough for kids and it has a very cool look and feel.  Luckily the phone is pretend…so that is one less monthly bill you need to worry about.

Spy Gear Phone Cam sells for about $29 on Amazon.

Fun Tools For Imaginative Play

One of the things we want to stress is that these are toys that are meant to encourage imaginative play.  People sometimes look at something like the Spy Gear Night Scope and get upset because it doesn’t have military grade night vision technology.  That is true, but it only cost $11 and it looks cool.

If you have kids who are into pretending to be spies, you may want to do two things.  First, pick up some of these toys for them and second, pass them my resume so they can hire me when they run the NSA in 20 years.

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