The Smart Lamp Speaker by emoi, Finally A KickStarter Campaign Worth Backing



We are all busy, so let’s cut right to the chase…most KickStarter campaigns suck.  Don’t get me wrong, we love the ideas and the creativity…but all too often the companies don’t deliver on the promise of the campaign.  It is for this reason that we ignore the vast majority of Kickstarter pitches we get each day.

Luckily we did not ignore the Smart Lamp Speaker by emoi pitch…since this is the real deal.  It’s a lamp, it’s a bluetooth speaker, it’s an alarm clock, it’s a speaker phone, it’s a soft and squishy and most importantly…it’s real!  Yes, we actually had them send us a fulling functional emoi (the app is not ready yet) for us to test.

Please watch our video review of the Emoi Smart Lamp Speaker -

Don’t Let This Beautifully Designed Product Vanish

We are suckers for good design and the emoi is beautifully designed…even right down to the packaging it comes in.  All very impressive for a KickStarter project where normally the company just has a rough prototype.  We have been using the emoi as lamp/speaker on our nightstand and it works wonderfully.

We have absolutely no financial interest in their KickStarter and received nothing for writing this review – we just think it should get funded because it is a well designed product that works well.  Check out the KickStarter campaign here.  The campaign ends on 10/26/14 – so hop on over to KickStarter and invest into something you will actually use and enjoy!

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For A $69 Pledge on Kickstarter, You Can Get The Smart Lamp Speaker

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