Review: SportsTek 4-In-1 Multifunction LED Headlamp, Finally a Cool Headlamp

SportsTek Headlamp

SportsTek Headlamp

There are certain looks that are just hard to pull off.  I don’t think even Brad Pitt could look cool while wearing a LED Headlamp.  The thing is, sometimes you need that bright, hands-free light that a good headlamp can provide.  Unfortunately, the SportsTek 4-In-1 LED Headlamp has not figured out a way to make you look cool while wearing a headlamp…but it has built a super cool headlamp!

What if your headlamp could come off your head and suddenly transform into a desk lamp or a light for your bicycle?  Or what about providing hands-free light while keeping you hairdo perfect…by transforming into a belt clip light.  You see the SportsTek 4-In-1 LED Headlamp has found another way to make headlamps cool…by making them multifunctional.

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Light Up The Night With 220 Lumens of Brightness

Cool design, fancy features and a modular setup are all nice…but the most important thing with a head lamp is…does it provide enough light?  While it was hard to capture on video, the SportsTek provides a ton of brightness.  Wearing the SportsTek Headlamp is sort of like walking around with a search and rescue flood light strapped to your head.

Thankfully for people around you, you can decrease the light intensity by 50% just by clicking the power button.  In addition, you can also angle the light down, so it is not pointing directly into peoples eyes.

Multifunction Gadgets Mean You Need to Buy Less Gadgets

Gadgets can become addictive.  It is exactly for this reason that we love when gadgets serve multi-functions, so one gadget purchase can quench our appetite for a few different gadgets.  The SportsTek LED Headlamp is definitely great as an all around headlamp.  It is also a perfect light for your bike.  We found it also served as a wonderful multi-positional free standing flashlight for doing various jobs around the house.  The multifunction aspect of the SportsTek Headlamp has you feeling like you got multi gadgets for the price of one.

If you are looking for a high intensity headlamp and love well designed gadgets, you will be very satisfied with the SportsTek 4-In-1 Multifunction LED Headlamp.

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The SportsTek 4-In-1 Headlamp Sells for About $50 at Amazon.Com

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