Tiggly Counts, A Toy That Makes Learning Math Fun?

Tiggly Counts

Tiggly Counts

What do kids think of when they see an iPad?  Fun, entertainment and playing games.

What do kids think of when they see a toy? Fun, entertainment and playing games.

What do kids think of when you try to teach them math?  Can’t I just play with my toys or your iPad!

Perhaps everyone in the family can now be happy with the brand new Tiggly Counts toy.  Moms and Dads, here is what Tiggly Counts is – a toy that works with apps on your iPad to teach young kids the basic concepts of math.  Hey kids, here is is what Tiggly Counts is – a toy that works with your parents iPad and is fun!

Tiggly Counts is one of those things you need to see to appreciate.  Please watch our full video review of  Tiggly Counts -

Do You Really Need A Physical Toy To Learn Math on The iPad?

Yes, yes you do!  To be honest, we didn’t feel this way until we started playing with Tiggly Counts.  I mean there are endless educational apps for the iPad that teach math and counting skills.  Why do kids need some physical number rods to learn math?

I am sure the educators at Tiggly could give a much more scientific answer, but simply put, it is easier to learn math when you have physical objects.  Clicking on a screen 1 time versus 5 times doesn’t feel any different.  On the other hand, hold a 1 number rod versus a 5 number rod and it becomes very clear that 5 is larger than 1.  Math and counting is a very real thing.  Apps on your iPad are virtual.  Tiggly Counts is able to make doing math on your iPad real.

The Apps, It Is All About the Apps

Truthfully, anyone could probably duplicate the physical number rods from Tiggly Counts.  What makes Tiggly Counts so special are the apps.  Yes, they teach number line concepts, number sense, counting skills, flexible thinking and basic addition – but that is not the most impressive part.  The real magic to the apps is that they are fun!

The animations, audio and storyline to each of the three apps is very well done.  Kids are going to love the humor in the apps – especially with Tiggly Chef.  Parents will enjoy the depth to the apps, so they are not stuck listening to the same thing over and over again.  Here is a quick breakdown on the three apps that come free with Tiggly Counts –

  • Tiggly Addventure: Tiggly sets off an adventure to deliver the most delicious apple in Tiggly Town to his beloved grandmother! Along the way, Tiggly will need you to use your counting toys to build bridges, ladders, and much more to help him overcome challenges on the land, sea, and even outer space!
  • Tiggly Cardtoons: A world of playful and surprising learning comes alive at the speed of imagination as your child uses their counting toys. Two pieces of cardboard become a juggling owl, or a hungry shark with a taste for apples, or a rumbling truck carrying… snakes?!
  • Tiggly Chef: Emergency in the kitchen! Tiggly Town’s greatest, most mustachioed Chef needs help, and only you and your counting toys can prepare his preposterously silly recipes. Think you can beat the Chef at his own game? Devise your own kooky culinary concoctions in one of Chef’s three kitchens!

Want to throw some language skills in with the math?  The apps are available in 10 different languages.

Act Fast and Save Big With Tiggly Counts

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Get Tiggly Counts And Remove Your Screen Time Guilt

Let’s be honest with each other.  Every time we hand our 3 year old our tablet to keep him/her busy, we have that ping of guilt.  Too much screen time, too soon?  Well, get rid of that guilt by giving them the iPad and Tiggly Counts.  The kids have fun while learning and you might actually get 5 minutes of peace to do something productive…like go to the bathroom :)

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Use Coupon Code “TIGGLYROCKS” to save 30%

Watch our video review of Tiggly Counts

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