The Glide Bike Review Preview – Can It Rescue My Dad Creed?

The Glide Bike - Mini Glider

The Glide Bike - Mini Glider

As 2010 gets ready to come to an end, I sit in fear that the Dad Police will break down my door any minute and strip me of my Dad status.  You see, my 6 year old still can not ride a bike.  I will give you a moment to get over your sheer horror… all set?  Yes, I am a terrible Dad and a complete failure.   If there is one role that Dads play in the family, it is to teach the kids how to ride a bike.   Wait, I hear someone outside, must be the Dad Police, I need to play dead now…

Can A Glide Bike Rescue Me?

At the 11th hour, my wish to the Daddy Fairy may have finally been granted.  We received a Mini Glider Glide Bike to review.  What is a glide bike you ask?  A glide bike or a balance bike is a training bike that helps kids learn to balance and steer a bike safely.   The Glide Bike does not have pedals or training wheels and it has a shape that allows it to balance at just 2mph.   The idea is that kids use there feet to push along, sort of like Fred Flintstone style, and then start gliding and balancing.  In essence, the Glide Bike is a mix between a bicycle and a scooter.

The Glide Bike Is Really Something You Need to See In Action

The best way to understand the Glide Bike is to see it in action.  Here is a clip of my son trying the Mini Glider out –

That may not look very impressive, but as my son really was having a hard time getting the balance thing on his regular bike, it was a big deal that he could glide for a while.

Did The Glide Bike Save My Dad Status?

Not yet.  You see, shortly after getting the Glide Bike we got a little gift from Mother Nature – a foot of snow!  So, I have not been able to test out the Glide Bike further, which is why we are just calling this a Review Preview.   The real test will be after my son can use the Glide Bike for a while, is he more comfortable riding a regular bike.

Once the weather clears we will do a full review of the Glide Bike and let you know if it saves my Dad Status.  So far my son loves it and feels very safe on it, so that is a major step forward.  For now, I will sleep with one eye open, I know the Dad Police like to come in the dead of night.

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