The Wait Is Over, Skylanders Trap Team Is Here, Let The Begging Begin!

Trap Team

Trap Team

Yesterday may have seemed like a normal Sunday to you, but if you have kids ages 6-14, it was of course something much more.  Yes, on Sunday, October 5th, 2014 the latest and greatest Skylanders game was released – Trap Team.   As it is now a full day later, you are probably already sick of hearing “When can we get Trap Team!

What is Skylanders Trap Team?

Skylanders Trap Team is the latest and greatest installment in the Skylanders video game series.  While Skylanders pioneered the idea of bringing toys into a video game, now they are bringing the video game into the real world.

Skylanders Trap Team lets players seek out and defeat the most wanted villains in all of Skylands and then pull them out of the game and into their living rooms by capturing them in magical Traps. Once they’ve defeated the villains, players will be able to place a Trap into the new Traptanium PortalTM to capture them. Players can then send villains back into the game where they can play as them to fight for good, reversing the magic. They will also be able to hear the villains inside the Traps, an innovation that truly brings life to toys.

Skylanders Trap Team introduces heroes known as Trap Masters that wield powerful TraptaniumTM weapons used to defeat Skylands’ most notorious villains including Kaos, as well as brand new Core Skylanders characters and reposed fan-favorite Skylanders characters. The game also features a variety of elementally aligned Traps with unique and interesting designs. In addition, Skylanders Trap Team welcomes Skylanders Minis, 16 small but powerful Skylanders now fully playable, who join the battle against Skylands’ most nefarious villains. Coming to Skylanders fans worldwide on November 1, Eon’s Elite collectors’ toys feature never-before-seen decoration with a distinct, metallic finish and a golden base that sets them apart from other Skylanders toys.

Yes, You Will Still Be Able to Use Your Old Skylanders

Good news and bad new parents.  The bad news…you do need to buy a new portal, as you now need a portal that can hold the traps.  The good news….all those Skylander figures you have lying all around the house from the previous games…they will still work with Trap Team!  Of course if you want to be able to trap Skylanders, you will need some of the new Trap Team Skylander figures.

Look for a Full Review of Trap Team Coming Soon

The million dollar question you are all asking…is Trap Team fun?  All indications are yes!  Trap Team has already been named to a number of Hot Holiday Toy lists for 2014.  Still, we need to play something before we can say for certain that a game is a winner!  Stay tuned as we will try to get our hands on Skylanders Trap Team and offer up our full review.

More Information:

Visit Skylanders Trap Team to Learn More.  Available for all game systems and the iPad.  Activision Skylanders Trap Team Starter kits are $65 and up.

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