Top 16 Natural Ways For Moms and Dads To Survive Their Day


You may not know this about me, but I am an endurance athlete.  In fact, believe it or not, for the past 12 plus years I have been actively involved in a continutous 24/7 endurance event that is grueling, exciting, frustrating, rewarding,  stressful, fantastic, exhausting and life changing.  Perhaps you know this endurance event by its more common street name…parenting.

Moms and Dads, we are all in this together.  Each day provides new challenges – we are stressed, sleep deprived, distracted…all while trying
to be wonderful role models for our kids.

I just got back from the Natural Products Expo where I had two goals.  First, don’t throw-up when sampling protein bars made form crushed up crickets.  Second, scour the show floor for all natural products that can help us stressed out parents make it through the day.  I am happy to report that Goal 1 was achieved with some mind over matter Jedi mind tricks.  Yeah, that is probably not of much interest to you.  Of more interest might be what I found for Goal 2…

Surviving Your Day The All Natural Way

Here’s the deal.  For 3 days I wandered the show floor sampling endless things.  Below are some of the all natural (and often organic) things I tried and enjoyed, perhaps you will as well.  These are not full reviews, rather my impressions from a few samples.  This is not a paid post and we did not receive payment from any of the companies mentioned.

Sorry.  That was my advanced apology for all that we missed.  With thousands of products to try and a limit on how much Kava and caffeine I could consume in one day – I am sure we missed many wonderful things.  Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

Ok, let’s jump in with a hypothetical day for any parent…

6:33 am – The Alarm Rings

Morning already?  For a moment you wonder why you need to wake the kids and get them ready for school.  I mean what did you get a dog for anyway?  He likes car rides and how cute it would be to have the dog drive the kids to school.  You snap to and realize you must drag your exhausted body out of bed.

Regular coffee to get you going?  That is so 2013.  No, you reach for a cold brew –

Cold Brew

You need the High Brew Double Espresso Cold Brew coffee.  The cold brew process makes coffee less bitter, less acidic but still packed with get up and go natural caffeine.

Not a coffee drinker?  Get your day going with a delicious blend of maca, coffee beans and coconut found in  Suja Elements Maccacino

Suja Elements

Suja Juices use this slick cold press technology to make drinks that are packed with nutrients and never exposed to any heat.

6:48 am – Where Are My Clean Clothes?

You have barely had time to finish your morning beverage and the call from the kids comes out, “I don’t have any clean clothes to wear!”  You stare at the dog and think. “really, just once you couldn’t do a load of wash instead of chasing your tail?” Normally you would start doing warm-up exercises now to get the strength to lift the 10 pound jug of Tide out of the cabinet…but not today!

Instead you go with just two squirts of Simply Soap Berry.  This all natural cleaner, made from Soap Berries, manages to get your clothes clean, without breaking your back or bank account.  One 32 ounce bottle will last you a year and cost $20.

7:32 am – Pack a Lunch That Doesn’t Cause a Riot

When did packing snacks in your kid’s lunch become so stressful?  Pack them junk food and you may cause a small riot between other kids and health conscious parents.  Pack them some super healthy, but nasty tasting snacks and prepare for your kids to go on a hunger strike.

While there are endless snack choices to go with – you can’t go wrong with a great tasting and healthy snack bar.  How can the kids complain about the Organic Granola 18 Rabbits Jr Chocolate Banana bar.

Perhaps your son or daughter is a more of coconut connoisseur.  In that case, they will flip for the delicious Simple Squares

Way to keep it simple.  Just 5 ingredients and you end up with an organic, delicious and nutritious snack.

7:59am – Mommy, Daddy…My Throat Hurts

Things just got real.  T minus one minute until you get the kids off to school and you hear those dreaded words…”my throat hurts.”   You have little time to react, do you get out the thermometer, check his temperature and kiss a day of productivity goodbye if you see tripe digits?  Or… do you touch your hand to his head, if you don’t get a 3rd degree burn you give him some Redd Remedies Throat Drops and send him on his way.

With throat drops in hand – the kids are finally off to school.

8:01 am – Clean Up and Do What Ever It Is You Do

With the kids gone you start to clean up the inevitable mess the kids leave behind.  It is at this point you start to feel light headed and worry the cleaning stuff you are using might be making you dizzy.  If your brain was actually functional at this time you would remember you are using E-Cloth, a fiber cloth that removes over 99% of bacteria, including E-coli and Listeria, with only water (absolutely no chemicals).

No, it is not chemicals that are causing your daze it is lack of nutrients.  You have of course forgotten to eat.  For a split second you consider having a proper meal…then have a good laugh over the thought of that.  You need to maximize the time you have without the kids, so you grab a Peanut Butter Perfect Bar.

With 17 grams of protein and no gluten, the Perfect Bar should clear the haze in your mind so you can be productive…if you can remember what you are supposed to be doing.

10:30 am –  What, It’s 10:30am Already?

Holy crap, did you really just spend 2.5 hours on Facebook shaking your head at how pathetic your friends are for wasting so much time posting to Facebook? You got stuff to do, time to get productive…or take a nap.

You’re crashing and you need natural energy STAT.  You reach for a bottle of Pyure O.E.O Organic Energy Shot-

Think of Pyure O.E.O as an all natural, certified Organic, nutrient rich version of 5 Hour Energy.    You gulp it down and you are ready to plow through your day (at least for the next 3 hours, which is how long the energy will last).

1:32 pm – You Just Experienced The Golden Part of Your Day

Those last 3 hours, where you were actually lucid and managed to get a few things done?  Yeah, that goes in the scrapbook as the highlight of your day.

No, but you won’t let the good times end today…you have nature on your side now.  Of course you were so busy being productive that you forget to eat again.  Must get more protein, but need real food…not a bar.  You smile with delight as you rip open a bag of Fusion Jerky.

Yes, you have had plenty of beef jerky in your life.. but not like this.  With amazing flavors like Basil Citrus Artisan Beef Jerky, you happily snack away, nearly forgetting that in an hour you need to get the kids.

2:30pm – Off To Get The Kids

Time to become a chauffeur for the kids.  For this part of the endurance race, you need to stay hydrated.  On the way out of the house you grab a bottle of My Cause Spring Water.  Simply put, you hydrate and they donate.  You get that good feeling inside when you scan the QR code on the bottle and get to pick a charity YOU want THEM to give to.

3pm – 5:15pm – You Defy Laws of Physics

I’m no scientist, but it should not be possible to be two places at once.  Somehow, with the kids having practices at different spots across town, you defy physics and manage to be everywhere at once.

The thing is, breaking the laws of physics can wear you down.  No time to find coffee, you need a quick jump start.  Luckily you keep a pack of KannaKick in the glove compartment.

You chew a piece of KannaKick and BOOM, that hits the spot.  Sure, the 100mg of caffeine has an impact, but the B vitamins and non-GMO CBD rich hemp oil give KannaKick its secret sauce to sustained energy.

6:27 pm – Dinner, Homework, Work, Carpool Schedules…Anyone Seen The Dog?

It’s that time.  You are starting to lose it.  Stress is building.  Time to take things down a notch.  You have two choices here – first, go with a quick shot of Zend

Zend is an all natural drink that contains Kava Kava and other botanicals to reduce stress and return calm to the world.

Your second choice would be to go old school and mix up a pure Kava Kava shake using pure Kava King Kava.   Either way, by 6:45pm everything seems calmer and you are smiling at your precious children again.

7:15 pm – What’s For Dessert?

You need to pick your battles.  You’re still feeling good from the Kava, so you decide the whole family could benefit from a sweet treat.  The thing is, dessert does NOT have to be an empty calorie treat.

DeeBee’s Organic Tea Pops are insanely tasty ice pops made of things like organic tea (naturally caffeine free) and organic mangos, cherries and coconuts.  Don’t tell the kids, but these treats are packed with natural antioxidants.

9:38pm – The Little Angles Are In Bed

Congratulation, you just finished one lap of what should be about a 20,000 lap race (assuming you had kids at 25 and live to be 80).  Just one thing left to do.  Pull out the Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Growler you have tucked in the back of the fridge.

Have a drink of your favorite micro brew, that tastes crisp and fresh in the vacuum insulated growler that has quickly become your best friend.  Sorry pouch, but if you want the title of best friend back – how about you drive the kids to school tomorrow.

Something We Missed?

Did we leave out an all natural product that helps you make it through the day?  Let us know in the comments below!

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