Do You Need A Good Toy Company To Make A Good Toy?

Spin Master

Spin Master

Here at Dad Does we do two things every day…breath and review toys.  On  good days we eat too.  While we pretty much have the breathing thing down pat, we are always trying to improve our toy reviews.  Yesterday something hit us (maybe from all that breathing), while we focus a great deal on the finished toy and its play value – we rarely talk about the company behind the toys.   So let’s fix that today…

Happy 20th Birthday Spin Master, My How You Have Grown

Perhaps the name Spin Master doesn’t mean a great deal to you, but if you have kids, you definitely know the brands they make – Air Hogs, Bakugan, Hedbanz, Spy Gear, Flutterbye, Zoomer, Pet Patrol and more.  On September 9th, 2014 Spin Master celebrated its 20th birthday.  What do you buy a toy company for it’s birthday?  A toy???

We digress.  While we have reviewed and loved many of the toys from Spin Master, Air Hogs toys (which just celebrated its 15th birthday) are perennial favorites here at Dad Does.

Spin Master

I mean how can you not love the Helix X4 Quadcopter – a quadcopter that does flips!  Or the Air Hogs HyperTrax, a vehicle that laughs in the face of rocks and mud.  The thing is, these really cool toys don’t just pop out of a magic box (although that would be awesome), a ton of hard work goes into getting a toy to be just right.

Sure Zoomer Looks Cute Now…

How can you not love Zoomer?  He is an adorable robotic pet dog and also a Toy of the Year Award winner in the Innovation category –

What you may not know is that it took plenty of prototypes and versions to come up with the Zoomer we all know and love today.

The more we read about the history of Spin Master, the more we learn how hard it is to make a truly successful toy.  We have learned that companies like Spin Master are constantly studying what kids want and then figuring out the best way to bring a toy that kids will love to life.  Are they always successful?  No, but each year they learn from any mistakes and improve their line of toys.  Clearly their formula has been working as they have won 18 Toy of the Year Awards in the last 20 years!

But Doing Good Is Important Too

A good toy makes kids smile.   A good toy company helps kids in need smile and laugh.  We are big believers in companies doing social good and love the fact that Spin Master, over its 20 years has proven to be a socially conscious company.

On a personal level, Spin Master has helped Dad Does raise money for the Cancer Connection and worked with Dad Does and Limitless Good in our efforts to raise money to fight hunger in America.  Just last week, Spin Master sponsored Stars4Smiles and donated toys to a children’s hospital in California –

Here is the thing, none of these events were huge media events.  Spin Master has shown their willingness to donate and do good…just for the sake of doing good and making a child smile.

So, Do You Need To Be A Good Company To Make A Good Toy?

Could you make a fun toy without doing social good?  Could you stumble onto a hit toy without research and development?  I guess so, but I really don’t think you could do it for 20 years!  I really believe the success and longevity that Spin Master has had is due to its connections to the community, its dogmatic pursuit of fun and the ability to watch kids from all walks of life play and interact with their toys.

If you are a Spin Master designer who has spent endless months trying to perfect a toy, how can it not be invigorating to see your toy bring a smile and a laugh to a very sick child whose laughs are few and far between.  When a company does social good the community wins, the employees feel like they are making a difference and the company succeeds.  Many other companies could learn a lot from Spin Master.

Hey Spin Master, we will buy you your first beer when you turn legal next year  on your 21st Birthday.  Keep up the good work

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