For You, We Will Drink Unknown, Funky Looking Green Drinks


We will drink green drinks that look like something a Llama should drink.  We will eat food bars with the consistency of rubber wrapped in cardboard.  We will eat chips with so many live enzymes, there is a 87% chance the chips will crawl back out of our stomach.  Yes, we will do all this for you.  This on top of playing with toys all day for you.  Really, does our love for you know no boundaries?

Yep, We Are Off to Cover Natural Products Expo East

Natural Products Expo East 2014, is the East Coast’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event.  The event takes place September 17-20, 2014 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland.  There are endless aisles of Natural Food companies sampling all the latest and greatest in…well…natural foods, drinks and snacks.

Searching For Healthy and Tasty Choices For Parents and Kids

Look, at this point we all know that natural, whole foods are healthy and a good choice for Moms, Dads and the kids.   Yes, we get it – Kale is good for you.  The problem is, we tend to eat foods that taste good.  Telling your family – “eat this seaweed sandwich, it’s good for you” might work once, but it is not going to become a staple of your diet if it tastes nasty.

So, our mission at Expo East is to try all these healthy snacks, drinks and meals  and report back on what actually tastes good.

We Fully Understand the Risks Involved

This mission is not without danger.  We will be eating endless samples of unknown origins.  There is a good chance we will have 40 grams of fiber before noon…which is why we are staring the bathrooms on the map now.

Then there is that terrible awkwardness when a perfectly nice person hands you a sample and as you are eating it, she says “Isn’t it delicious?”  You want to smile politely,  but you worry that moving your lips to smile might short circuit your ability to withhold the gag reflect and keep said sample from going airborne.

Still, we accept these risks and get ready to head to Baltimore and report back on what we find.   If you do happen to catch a news headline, “Dad In Baltimore Explodes After Eating One Too Many Chia Pods” please tell my wife and kids I love them.

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