Review: DigiBirds, Who Knew An Interactive Singing Bird Could Be So Cool



Zoomer – an interactive pet dog that responds to your commands….sure, you would expect to enjoy that toy.  Zoomer Dino – a prehistoric self balancing dino you can try to tame with hand gestures…yeah sign me up for that one too.  But DigiBirds – the interactive pet birds?  I wouldn’t want a real pet bird, so what on earth could be cool about an interactive robotic pet bird?

Well, I just learned a valuable lesson, don’t judge an interactive pet song bird by its plastic cover.  DigiBirds are very cool and bizarrely addictive to play with…and we have the video to prove it….

Please watch our video review of the DigiBirds by Spin Master -

Hey Kids, Now That Is A Tweet

Reading this Tweet on Twitter, “Just Rode In A Uber Car That 3 Days Ago Might Have Had Jay-Z’s Third Cousin Twice Removed In It.  Awesome!” just doesn’t do much for me.  On the other hand, blowing on DigiBirds and hearing them Tweet out authentic bird calls as they move their cute little heads and beaks….now that is a tweet I can get into!

Here are the key features of DigiBirds –

  • Digibirds are beautifully designed interactive, tweeting birds that are full of lifelike movements and songs
  • Each Digi Bird can tweet you 20 beautiful tunes! Use the Whistle Ring (or app) to activate their melodies
  • Blow on The Digibirds and they tweet back real bird sounds
  • Digibirds can sing solo or in a choir. Build your collect and create beautiful melodies as they sing in harmony
  • Digibirds are made for kids ages 5+ and have batteries included

Forget The Features, DigiBirds Have JET

It has been a while since we made up our own phrase, we were due!  We are now officially coining the term JET – Just Enough Technology.  When it comes to toys, if you put in too much technology, it kills the play value.  Charging, syncing, configuring, programming…can all be play killers, especially with younger kids.

A toy that has JET, Just Enough Technology to create that magical feel and provide plenty of imaginative play value, without making things complicated…that is a killer toy.  DigiBirds clearly have JET.

There is nothing about the features or spec sheet that makes DigiBird sound like a winner.  However, once you start playing with DigiBirds (especially in choir mode), you start to see the magic of DigiBirds.

DigiBirds Provide Simple, Inexpensive, Instant Fun!

With DigiBirds there is no charging, no configuring – they even come with batteries and replacement batteries.  Pull the DigiBirds out of the box, blow on one and it tweets back at you.  Blow the bird whistle and she sings a song.  Load up the app, click a song and your songbird sings it.  No Bluetooth, no syncing – your phone just plays a tone that signals the DigiBird to sing.  Simply put, the technology in DigiBirds enhances play value without causing any problems or frustrations.

DigiBirds start at $9.95 and you can buy sets with various songbirds, cages and other accessories.  Pick up a few DigiBirds, have them sing Happy Birthday to your kid  – the only question is who will have the bigger smile, you or your child.

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