Review: Battroborg Warriors, Now The Battling Robots Have Weapons

Battroborg Warriors

Battroborg Warriors

In 2013 we reviewed the Battroborg Battling Robots from Tomy.  The toy was basically a very high tech version of Rock’em Sock’em Robots.  You swing your wireless remotes and the Battroborg robots punch each other silly.

So, what could Tomy do for 2014 to add more excitement to the Battroborg robots?  How about giving them weapons, enhanced controls and power moves?  Yes, welcome to Battroborg Warrior – battling robots with weapons!

Please watch our video review of the Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set -

How Can You Go Wrong With Ninjas and Samurais?

A remote controlled Ninja who swings his weapons when you swing the remote?  A Samurai who does a slice down with his mighty sword as you slice down with the remote?  Come on, how can you not love this stuff?  The Battroborg Warriors are a significant step-up from the Battroborg robots of last year.  The weapons, armor, sound effects and easier controls all make for a fun play experience.

The Battle Arena set we reviewed came with a Ninja and Samurai, but there are more battling Battroborg warriors to choose from –

“Players choose their Warrior from themes including Samurai, Ninja, Alien, Roman, Knight and Viking, then customize the borg with interchangeable weaponry and lunge into a metal-meets-metal battle to end all battles. Players control the battle and the borg’s every move with a single-handled katana blade controller built for slashing and swordfighting, delivering realistic, non-stop battle action.

Guided by three Warrior principles: Train, Control and Master, revolutionary Battroborg Warrior challenges players to become the sensei of motion control battling, while the interchangeable weaponry adds a whole new level of competition and customization. Embrace the way of the Warrior in 2014, bring on the big blades and cut your competitors to the quick with Battroborg Warrior.”

You Would Think A Giant Samurai Sword Would Do More Damage

These Battroborg Warriors are tough…maybe a little too tough.  In our testing, the kids had a hard time knocking each other’s borg down.  There was plenty of weapon to borg contact made, but it does prove difficult to actually knock the other borg over.

In addition, while control is greatly improved in the Battroborg Warriors, it can still be a bit of a challenge to get your Borg to go exactly where you want him too.  Still, the overall play of swinging a single-handled katana blade controller and watching your Borg do battle, is very cool.  We could see kids pulling the Borgs out of the arena and finding all types of imaginative and creative ways to incorporate the Borgs into games.  Imagine the damage the Samurai Battroborg could do in a castle made of of wood stacking blocks?

Kids, if you like the idea of having your own weaponized robot to mimic your swings and do battle for you, you will love the Battroborg Warriors. On the plus side, these robots are probably too small to rise up and take over the world…probably…

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Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set by Tomy, Ages 6+, Retail $69.99

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