Review: Red Zone Electric Football, The 67 Year Old Game That Keeps On Shaking


You would think that a game developed in 1947, with the word “electric” in the title, would be a dinosaur in a museum today.  Somehow, Classic Electric Football by Tudor Games, 67 years after it was first released, is still shaking strong in 2014.

The premise of Red Zone Electric Football sounds insanely simple – place football players on a field, press the button on the PlayAction Remote and watch the players vibrate and move on the field.  Just like in real football, you try to reach the end zone before the defense can tackle you.  It may sound simple, but then you get involved in picking strength Invisibase cleats or speed Invisibase cleats for each player.  Then you need to figure the best orientation for each cleat.  Of course then you need to know the right formation.  I think you get the idea, things actually get pretty complex with Electric Football.

Please watch our video review of Red Zone Electric Football and things will be much more clear -

A Few Twists On A Classic Game

The key element of Electric Football, ever since it was released in 1947, was the remote that vibrates the playing field.  Who can forget that buzz and shake as the players scurry around, often in unknown directions.  Don’t worry old-timers, the buzz and shake is still there in Electric Football, but now you have a dial to control the speed of the shake.

Being able to turn the dial and change the speed of the play adds a nice play element to the classic game.  If you are doing a running play, it feels like you are kicking it up a notch when you spin that dial, to increase the speed of the motor that shakes the field.

The Invisibase Cleats add a whole new level of strategy to the game as well.  As we show in the video, there are numerous ways to configure the cleats to have the players move in different ways.  You can also take nail clippers to your cleats and customized them to get the movement exactly how you want.

Electric Football Plays More Like Chess Than Fast Paced Football

Some kids today might see the name Electric Football and imagine a fast paced electronic football game.  This is not the case.  Electric Football is more of a strategy game, like chess…with plenty of vibrating luck thrown in.   You decide the type of cleats, the placement of players, the type of play – and then watch it unfold as you press the button on the remote.  In between plays you may change cleats, so it is a more slow paced game, that involves plenty of thinking.

One thing we really like about Electric Football, you can play it alone.  You can setup both the offense and defense and then just press the button and see what happens.  It is rare to find a sports game that can be played one player, so this is a nice feature.

New for 2014 – NFL Electric Football

New for the 2014 NFL Season is NFL Electric Football.  Here is all the information –

“With all 32 NFL team logos and PlayAction™ Remote Control, powered by variable speed handheld, the all-time, best-selling favorite is back and it’s better than ever! Play fun and competitive NFL Electric Football on a whisper-quiet SpeedTurf™ playing field. Includes a complete set of NFL team stickers to customize your game. New INVISIBASE™ Cleat technology is translucent in color and gives complete control of player routes. Three playing field sizes: NFL Electric Football MSRP $59.95, NFL Deluxe Electric Football MSRP $89.95, and NFL Pro Bowl Electric Football MSRP $129.95.”

Dads, how many games are available today that your parents played as a kid?  Pick up Electric Football, invite Grandpa over and make it a 3 generation game night!

More Information:

Red Zone Electric Football by Tudor Games, $49.95 Retail

NFL Electric Football Sets, NOW AVAILABLE, Starting at $59.95

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