Max Tow Truck Arrives…Which Means Your Stuff Will Soon Be Gone


Back in February we got a preview of the Max Tow Truck from Jakks Pacific.  In this post, we described how the little toy truck supposedly could pull 150 pounds when it was released.  Turns out we were wrong.  Max Tow Truck can pull 200 pounds!

We finally got our hands on a full production version of the Max Tow Truck so we could do some real world testing.  Please watch our new video review of the Max Tow Truck from Jakks Pacific -

What Max Tow Truck Lacks In Speed, It Makes Up For In Strength

As the video shows, the Max Tow Truck would have a hard time beating a snail in a race.  This toy is not about speed, it is about strength.  The real play value here will be for kids to find things to push or pull around the house.  Moms and Dads, you better hide the good china because kids are going to be piling up anything they can find to see if Max Tow Truck can pull it away.  Hope you weren’t too attached to your stuff.

The Max Tow Truck comes with a chain that you can hook up to a wagon, chair or anything else you want to pull.  It does tend to work best on flat surfaces.  You will need to supply 6 C batteries to give Max Tow Truck the juice he needs to pull his cargo.

Our One Wish…More Pulling and Less Talking

Max Tow Truck doesn’t just push, pull and climb – he also talks…and talks…and talks.  He has 50 different phrases he can say, but it doesn’t really matter what he says, it will start to drive you a little crazy after a while.  I am sure kids will like his talking and sense of humor, but as a Dad I wish there was a mute button for when you just want some pulling without all the jibber jabber.

Yep, They Have An App For That

As we show in the video, they make a fun Max Tow Truck app.  The app uses augmented reality to put a virtual Max Tow Truck into the real world.  Nothing earth shattering about the app, but if your kids are into trucks, they will have a fun time with the Max Tow Truck app.  Note to Parents:  The app also provide a good out for not lugging the 15 pound Max Tow Truck on vacations.  It’s okay sweetie, we have the virtual Max Tow Truck with us, so your Max Tow Truck can stay home and rest.

Simply put, if your kids like trucks with some real pushing and pulling power, they will have a blast with the Max Tow Truck from Jakks Pacific.

More Information:

Max Tow Truck From Jakks Pacific, Ages 5+, $59.99.  Available At Toys R Us

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