Miggo Strap And Wrap Review, Does Your Camera Have a New BFF?


Life as a parent is complicated enough, so I am all about anything that makes life easier.  My gadgets need to start pulling their own weight and stepping up their game.  One dimensional is so 2010, we need gadgets that can serve multiple roles and lighten the amount of crap stuff we lug around when traveling or on vacation.

When we travel we like to take our DSLR camera.  This means having a strap for the camera when we are out and about and then having a protective case for when we need to pack the camera for travel….or does it?  What if your camera strap could morph into a protective case?  This is exactly the idea of the new Miggo Strap & Wrap.

Please watch our video review of the Miggo Strap And Wrap -

The Miggo, Your Camera’s Amigo…Or BFF

Don’t like a black strap and wrap like we showed in the video?  No problem.  They make the Miggo in a number of different colors and patterns.  In addition, they make different Miggo Strap & Wrap sizes, to fit all different types of cameras.  Here are the key specs on the Miggo –

  • Serves as a camera strap which morphs into a compact and padded camera carrier.
  • Made from energy-absorbing Neoprene and soft Lycra materials
  • Comes in 7 different colors or patterns
  • Modular adaptor method makes it suitable for most cameras
  • Multipurpose steel screw serves as a secure connector, and also allows you to connect to a tripod while miggo is attached
  • Hidden inner pocket for lens cap
  • High quality miggo branded zipper
  • Compatible with almost all of today’s small-medium DSLRs on the market, and a wide range of lenses

Have Miggo Strap & Wrap, Will Travel

If you need a protective camera case and a camera strap, good news, you now need only one product!  The Miggo Strap & Wrap is a simple product that reduces the amount of stuff you need to lug around, and that is a great thing. As we said in the video, make sure your camera is securely fastened to the steel screw on the Miggo and then you are ready to go.  Now all you need to do is pick the place to vacation to….we highly recommend Jamaica.

More Information:

Miggo Strap & Wrap starts at $39.95.  Visit MyMiggo To Learn More.

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