Review: Air Storm Firetek Bow from Zing Toys…Bring On The Night!


For most kids, the sun setting marks the time to put away their outdoor toys and head indoors.   Now Zing Toys is looking to expand outdoor play time for kids with the new Air Storm Firetek Bow.  I know what you are thinking (I really missed my calling as a psychic), how are the kids supposed to play with a bow and arrow blaster, that fires arrows up to 125 feet, when then can’t see the arrows?

Watch our video review of the Air Storm Firetek Bow from Zing Toys and all will be clear -

If I Had The Firetek Bow As A Kid, I Would Have Never Slept

Did you see that video?  Really, what more do we need to say?  You have a bow and arrow, that fires darts over 125 feet, with high power and accuracy and oh yeah, it lights up and looks awesome at night!  The FireTek Bow even comes with batteries, so just pull it out of the box and you are ready to go.

Here is some more information on the Air Storm Firetek Bow -

Light up day and night with the Firetek Bow. The ultimate foam bow and arrows now have blazing light-up power, so the action never stops. Fire up the Zonic Blaze whistling arrows, hook the arrows in the fast-load loops and you are ready to aim and fire! Watch as the arrows light up the sky and scream through the air over 145 feet. With the power of the Firetek Bow, the next generation of battle starts now — don’t just hit the target, storm it!
Air Storm Firetek Bow:

  • Loop-and-launch technology
  • LED-activated power grip
  • Fire-glow LED
  • Fast-load, soft foam, long-range arrows shoot over 125′
  • Includes 1 LED power bow and 3 Zonic Blaze whistling arrows
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (included)

Guess What, The Marketing Hype For Once Is True!

Normally we never print the marketing material on a toy…because it is never true!  In the case of the Firetek Bow, the marketing material is real.  Not sure about the claim of 145 feet.  We did not do strict distance testing, but I would put it more in the 100-125 foot range.  Really, that is the only detail we could possibly complain about.

If you have kids, ages 8+, who are into archery, they are simply going to love the Air Storm Firetek Bow.  At $29.95 retail (available at WalMart), the Firetek is reasonably priced as well.  Moms and Dads, wouldn’t you happily pay $30 bucks to have the kids playing outdoors longer and spending less time at night running amok in the house?

More Information:

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Buy the Firetek Bow At Walmart, Retail: $29.95, Ages 8+

Watch Our Video Review of the Air Storm Firetek Bow by Zing Toys

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