New Dad Does Study Finds: People Who Do Yoga, More Likely To End Up In London


If you have spent any time at all on Dad Does, you know we are all about ground breaking scientific studies.  After spending some time doing extensive research at this site, we have now come to this earth shattering conclusion…

Between the period of 8/20/14 – 9/14/14, people who do “yoga” are much more likely to end up in London.

While we wait for the various scientific journals to do their peer review and publish our study, we figured we would give you a few more details…

The Lenovo #YogaMyWay Contest is On Like Donkey Kong

Fine, maybe our science is a little suspect, but when we learn about easy ways to win a trip to London and a bunch of Lenovo products, our mind starts to race.  Lenovo has just started a super fun photo contest called #YogaMyWay.  Starting now (8/20) and running until 9/14, there are weekly photo contests that allow you to win trips to London and Lenovo Yoga products.  Click here to read all about it.

Yes, Entries From Outside The USA Are More Than Welcome!

Lenovo is a worldwide company and this contest is open to people all over the world (full details here).

While we love the Yoga tablets and Yoga laptops, you absolutely do NOT need to have any Lenovo Yoga products to enter.  Get creative, draw a picture, have fun – you may end up in London taking photos of Big Ben with your Yoga Tablet.

You Still Here?  Snap A Photo And Get Going…

The #YogaMyWay contest is happening right now and you know you are dying to get to London and see if you can make those Royal Guards break a smile by showing them cat videos on your newly won Yoga Tablet 10.  Hop on over to the contest and make sure to enter each weekly challenge for the next 4 weeks.  A quick run through my calculator and that would seem to quadruple your odds of winning.  Just remember, if you do win, we are available to tag along and translate the street signs for you.

Good Luck!

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