Review: Air Hogs Roller Copter, Walls and Ceilings Are Your New BFFs

Roller Copter

Roller Copter

When you combine the phrases “RC helicopter”, “walls” and “ceiling” the sentence usually ends with…”and now my RC helicopter is broken.”   Luckily this is not the case with the new Air Hogs Roller Copter.  The Roller Copter is an RC Helicopter that lives its life in a protective cage (ah, if only they made one for me).  Smash it into the ceiling?  No problem.  Crash it into walls?  So what?  Fly it into the mouth of a fire breathing dragon? Okay, that’s going to be an issue…

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Don’t Just Hit Walls…Climb Walls

We have reviewed RC toys that have a protective cage around them.  The cages allows the RC toy to bounce off walls, ceilings and siblings.  What makes the Air Hogs Roller Copter different is that the protective cage is spinning, thus allowing the helicopter to climb up walls, roll along the ceiling and even roll on the ground.  You have the hamster in a ball effective…minus the smelly rodent.

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“Smash, crash, roll and bash with the all-new Air Hogs RollerCopter! This totally new RC helicopter enables pilots to roll along the ground, up walls and even along the ceiling! The protective cage allows the helicopter to take serious bumps and keep on going. New pilots will never have to worry about crashing as they roll into an all-new RC helicopter experience with the Air Hogs RollerCopter!”

The Roller Copter Is Great For Younger Pilots

The Roller Copter is NOT for experienced pilots who want precision control of their craft.  The Roller Copter is going to be loved most by younger pilots who tend to be involved in more crashes.  RC Toys often look great on the box, but when younger kids get it home and can’t stop crashing, the fun goes away quickly.

With the Roller Copter, pilots of any skill level will have a blast. Smash into a wall, climb a wall, roll over your dog…it’s all good with the Roller Copter.  It does take a little work to get the trim right, but once you have the Roller Copter aligned, you can be a complete klutz and still enjoy a RC helicopter!

More Information:

Roller Copter from Air Hogs, Ages 5+, $44 Retail

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