With Christmas Over, Buyer’s Remorse Sets In For Dads and Moms

Problems with Christmas Toys

Why Do We Still Buy Crappy Toys for Christmas?

Problems with Christmas Toys

The same scenario played out at millions of homes across the world this magical Saturday.  Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles and even Santa himself worked so hard over the past few weeks to find the perfect toys for all the good little boys and girls.  Presents were wrapped and placed under the tree with the utmost care.  Saturday morning came and the kids were thrilled to see all the presents.  Gifts were ripped open, kids eyes filled with joy as the toys looked incredible.  Kids started to play with the toys only to find that many were more cursed than magical.  Toys failed, kids got frustrated and Moms and Dads across the world jumped on the internet to complain and vent their anger.  Ah, the magic of the holidays!

Need More Proof That Dad Does Should NOT Give Parenting Advice – Here it Is…

On Christmas Eve we wrote an article that did something we almost never do – gave some parenting advice!  We said “Turn off the computer, chuck the cell phone in a drawer for a few days and just have a wonderful time together as a family.” So, what do you all do?  Make Christmas Day one of the busiest days at DadDoes.Com !   Why were you all coming here instead of enjoying the joy of Christmas?  Mostly to vent and complain about a toy you bought your son or daughter that just did not work.

Here are some quick samples of the comments…

* Regarding the Zoobles by SpinMaster Ali wrote –

“the toy broke within two minutes of my 4 year old playing with it”

* Regarding the Hot Wheels RC Stealth Race Car by Mattel Denicelevolor wrote –

“My son (6) received this for Christmas–broken in 30 minutes. Grrrrrrrr.”

* Regarding the Air Hogs Moto Frenzy Stunt Bike Joe wrote –

“Horrible toy.  Why is it #1 on your Top 16???”

[Editor’s Note – It is not rated #1 – just first on the list, alphabetically.  Read the review, we hated it.]

With All The Product Review Sites Why Do We Still Buy Crappy Toys?

At Dad Does we did Our Top Holiday Toy Reviews – over 14,000 words from real Dads and Moms on which toys would be hits and which would be flopped.  There are numerous product review blogs and review sites.  Everyone is connected on Facebook and Twitter – updating about what works and what does not.  So, with all this technology, information and social connections – why do we all still end up with some crappy toys on Christmas?

First – Some Product Review Sites are Biased

Many of the product review sites are biased and not objective.  Look closely and you will see that many review sites have affiliate links to the products they are reviewing.  They tend to give positive reviews so you will click on the link and buy the toy – and the site makes a cut on this purchase.

Then you have the magazines, newspapers and TV shows which all pick their top toys of the year.  While some of this lists are helpful, many are not.  The problem is the reviewers don’t spend weeks with the toys, they give it a quick glance over and then make their picks.  However, some toys work decently for the first few days, but then they stop working – this is why a reviewer really needs to spend some time with the toys.

To combat the biased and incomplete product reviews, Dad Does launched its Real, Relevant and Riveting Review Pledge – which explains that we never make any money off any of the reviews we do.   To be honest, we are not alone, there are some other great review sites – so there has to be another reason for why Moms and Dads still end up buying crappy toys.

Second – Toy Companies Know How to Package and Market!

While many of us shop and research online, the majority of toy buying is still done by walking down the aisles of Target or Walmart and picking out what looks cool and fun.   The Air Hogs Moto Frenzy Stunt Bike is a perfect example…

Moto Frenzy Stunt Bike Review

It looks so cool just sitting there on the shelf.  Remote control, motorcycle, Air Hogs (generally a good company), stunts – all scream – “Put me under the tree, your kids will love me“.  Of course, our review found it did not work and we warned people not to buy it – but clearly many people still did.  Sometimes good marketing and good packaging can trump the need for a good product.

What is The Moral to This Christmas Story?

Sure we could say everyone should research before they buy, but we all know sometimes we just don’t have time for this.  No, maybe the moral is – If you bought a crappy toy – know that you are not alone and just tell your kids it is the thought that counts! The internet does provide a great place to vent and share horror stories about Christmas toys and hey you get free group therapy – that is something, right?

The moral to us here at Dad Does – keep on providing honest product reviews.   We have the opposite goal of many affiliate product review sites.  We are NOT looking to get you to buy products, we are looking to get you to NOT BUY crappy products! Hopefully there are a few Moms and Dads out there who avoided buying some bad toys based on our reviews, and that is a great Christmas present for us.

If you did get burned, leave a comment below, venting can make you feel much better!

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