Squeezable Glass Bottle, Yes Kids, I Said Squeeze The Glass

Squeezable Glass

Squeezable Glass

As a Dad, there are certain phrases that just never come out of my mouth…

Kids, Can You Please Be More Hyper

Can’t We Please Watch Another Barney Video

Yes, Please Squeeze That Glass Bottle

But now Oak Ventures is trying to make me say the unsayable.  No, they have not invented a Barney video that doesn’t drive parents crazy, that would be impossible.  Oak Ventures has done the highly improbable by making the Squeezable Glass Bottle.  The Squeezable Glass drinking bottle looks like your standard plastic water bottle, but the inside of the bottle is coated with squeezable glass.

Please watch our video review of the Squeezable Glass Bottle -

Honestly, Do You Even Own a Bottle Brush?

As a parent, I own a fine collection of various plastic water bottles, which hold endless permutations of liquids.  In order to properly clean said collection of water bottles you would think I own a fine array of bottle brushes.  I think 5 years ago we got a bottle brush, but god knows where that is now.

By far my favorite feature of the Squeezable Glass bottle is that you treat it like a glass, not a plastic bottle.  This means no bottle brush, no scrubbing away – rinse it or throw it in the dishwasher and you are good to go.  How do they pull off this magic?  Ah, you must become one with the Lotus Leaf to understand wise warrior.

Just as the Lotus Leaf sheds water and contaminants, so does Squeezable Glass, through low surface tension shielding the inside of the bottle from leftover tastes, odor, stains and mold build up.  Basically the inside of the bottle is coated with a thin layer of Silicon Dioxide (also known as silica), which is pretty much sand – a precursor to glass.   When we say thin, we mean insanely, crazy thin.  The glass barrier is 20 nanometers – over 5000 times thinner than a human hair.

Parents I can sense your next question – Is Silicon Dioxide safe to have in my sports bottle?  First, the silicon dioxide does not flake or peel off the bottle – but for the sake of argument, let’s say it did.  While silicon dioxide sounds scary, it occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables and nuts.  The use of silicon dioxide (SI02) has been approved by the FDA for direct food contact. So, even if it could be removed, ingestion is not a problem.

With a 17 Warranty, This Bottle Will Probably Outlast Me

You know you are getting old when someone makes a sports bottle that might outlast you.  While we have been using the Squeezable Glass bottle for just a few weeks, it seems rugged and their 17 year warranty would back that up.  Here are the other key features on Squeezable Glass –

  • Patented Glass Like Inner Surface
  • Zero leftover tastes, odors, stains or mold – 100% Non-stick inner surface (Like glass)
  • BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Leak Free Lid
  • Always pure taste – As pure as drinking from a glass
  • For all types of drinks – Sports drinks, powdered mixes, soda, water… (Like glass)
  • Just rinse to clean or dishwasher safe (Like glass)
  • 2-way protection – no absorption of the beverage into the bottle
    & no leaching from the bottle (Like glass)
  • Oz. Gauge with clearview strip
  • Made in the USA

Squeezable Glass comes in a number of different sizes and colors and cost about $15.  Parents, as for the Barney thing, the Squeezable Glass can help there as well.  Fill the bottle with rum, do a couple of strong squeezes before the kid puts in another Barney video and suddenly the show takes on a whole new look :)

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