Review: Electric Bolt Ghostrider Scooter, Twist and Gooooooo

Electric Bolt Ghostrider

Electric Bolt Ghostrider

I’m so old I remember when you used to have to kick your foot to make a scooter go.  People also had these bizarre land-lines in their homes…those were some crazy days.  Here in 2014, kids don’t need to kick to zip along at 13 MPH, they simply twist the throttle on the Pulse Performance Products GhostRider Electric Bolt scooter and off they gooooo….

Well, that is what we were told, but at Dad Does we are all about Doing!  So, we got our hands…or feet…on a GhostRider Electric Bolt and tested it out.  Please watch our video review of the GhostRider Electric Bolt Scooter -

No Kick Start Necessary!

We have reviewed our fair share of electric scooters on Dad Does and they all seem to have a “safety” feature where you need to kick start before the motor will kick in.  The idea is, the scooter has to be going 2-3 MPH before the motor engages.  I guess the idea is that the scooter will not take off on the kids if they turn the throttle from a stopped position.

The fine folks at Pulse Performance Products give our kids a little more credit.  The Electric Bolt has Instant Throttle Response (ITR) technology, in other words, you twist the throttle and off you go!  As a parent, I guess I understand why some other companies go with the safety conscious kick to start approach, but from a fun factor – the ITR is awesome!

What’s Better Than a 12 Volt Battery?  Two 12 Volt Batteries

As we discuss in the video, the Ghostrider uses twin 12 Volt batteries, so you get 24 Volts of power and a 150 Watt motor.  This can get you to 13 MPH and a 40 minute range.  Yes, it is slower going uphill and the speed depends on the weight of the rider (150 pound max capacity) and if you have the tire correctly inflated.

Here are some more specs on the GhostRider –

  • 150 watt, chain driven motor with speeds up to 13 MPH, 40 Minute Ride Time
  • Twist throttle with Instant Throttle Response (ITR) technology
  • 24-volt SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries
  • Max Weight of Rider = 150 Pounds
  • Moto Style Padded Bars
  • XL Deck with Composite Deck Traction (CDT), keeps your feet planted to the deck
  • Durable Chain Drive System
  • Weight: 37 Pounds

The GhostRider Is A Fun, Fast Way To Get The Kids Outdoors

One of the challenges all parents face in the summer is how to get the kids off their iPads and outside playing.  The GhostRider has enough speed and cool design features to get the kids happily playing outside.  The negatives?  It takes 10 hours to recharge and it can be difficult to transport.  It weights 37 pounds and does not fold up.

On the positive side, the Electric Bolt GhostRider is a fast and fun scooter, with an extra large deck and cool styling.  The GhostRider, with its Instant Throttle Response is probably best for kids ages 10 and up.   Kids, here is a tip for you.  If you do get the GhostRider and your Dad keeps riding it and won’t give you a turn, explain it is for riders under 150 pounds and he will need to start dieting before he can ride it.  That should scare him off and you will get your GhostRider back :)

More Information:

The Electric Bolt GhostRider is Available From Amazon.Com for $189

Visit Pulse Performance Products to Read More About the Electric Bolt GhostRider

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