Review: Mattel BoomCo Rapid Madness Blaster – Fast, Sticky Fun

BoomCO Rapid Madness

BoomCO Rapid Madness

The Nerf line from Hasbro have long ruled the kids blaster world.  Is it possible for any other toy company to blast its way into the world of flying darts?  Mattel thinks so!  New for 2014 is the line of BoomCO blasters from Mattel that feature Smart Stick darts.  To test the BoomCO line out we tested the awesomely named Rapid Madness Blaster.  Who doesn’t like Madness?  Rapid Madness…even better!

Please watch our video review of the Mattel BoomCO Rapid Madness Blaster -

The Smart Stick Darts Are Pretty Smart

When we heard about Smart Stick technology, we figured this was just a fancy way of saying suction darts.  The truth is, the Smart Stick darts are downright brilliant!  As we show in the video, the darts will only stick to Smart Stick shields and targets, but not windows, walls, ceilings, TVs, microwaves, siblings…you get the idea.

When the Smart Stick Darts do hit their target, they stick on tight…much tighter than suction cup darts.  We are concerned that the stickiness will wear down over time, but so far so good.  We will update the review if we run into problems with the longevity of the Smart Stick darts.

If Only Pickup Was As Fast As Firing

As demonstrated in the video, the Rapid Madness really does unleash madness…at a very rapid rate.  While it takes less than 3 seconds to fire off 20 darts, it takes much longer to find them, pick them up and reload.  In terms of real world gameplay, the BoomCO ends up being better for shooting at targets rather than person to person battles.  Once your clip is empty…in just a few seconds…you need to stop, find all the darts and fully reload.

If The Kids Like Madness at A Rapid Rate, They Will Love Rapid Madness

Clearly some growing pains as Mattel enters the blaster market.  If one dart is missing in the middle of the clip, the blaster will not fire any of the remaining darts.  We did have a few jams and some issues where accuracy and range were not great.  However, if your kids like the idea of a blaster that can fire off darts at a VERY rapid rate, they will love the Rapid Madness.  The Smart Stick darts provide a great way to play target practice and Moms and Dads will appreciate not having darts stuck to the TV!

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Mattel BoomCO Rapid Madness Retails For $49 and listed for ages 6 and up

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